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Cool Sorption


DK-2600 Glostrup

Cool Sorption is a leading supplier of Vapour Recovery Units and systems. Cool Sorption provides a complete product portfolio, which ranges from small compact units to the industry’s most complex systems, making it a recognized technology provider worldwide.

Our range of pre-designed, standardized and competitive Vapour Recovery Units encompasses more than 35 years of experience and covering more than 320 units installed worldwide. Each Vapour Recovery Unit supplied is specifically selected, utilizing detailed knowledge about your terminals’ requirements. Cool Sorption generally consider systems based on activated carbon to be the best available technology for recovery of gasoline, crude oil and most other Volatile Organic Compound vapours.

We follow our products’ cycle of life to provide the best possible service and maintenance based on our global experience. With the largest and most agile service organization in Europe, we have extensive experience in providing commissioning and start-ups, troubleshooting, capacity tests and system revamps.