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Since 1954 PROTEGO® has built and provided safety devices and tank equipment, now with the help of more than 500 employees worldwide. Within our area of expertise, we are the technology leader. We provide global services for our customers, which include research and development, application-specific engineering, and overall protection system design. Our customers know they can trust in our products and high quality and development standards for process engineering, the petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries and the bio-energy sector.


Product news

  • PROTEGO® QuEST 2.0- Quick Engineering and Sizing Tool

    Venting according to:
    • API Std. 2000 5th - 7th Editions
    • ISO 28300
    • TRGS 509 (TRbF 20)

    PROTEGO® QuEST features:
    • Parallel sizing for devices for normal breathing and emergency venting
    • Sizing of valves with back pressure and inlet pressure loss
    • User defined chemical product database
    • PDF output also in Quick Sizing
    • Venting: Determine the normal in- and outbreathing as well as the emergency relief flow requirements of storage tanks.
    • Sizing: Selection of PROTEGO® valves and flame arresters.
    • Quick Sizing: Checking of in service PROTEGO® devices, f. i. within MOC.
    • Data output in PDF.
    • Web based interface with local data storage.
    • Available in several languages.