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Metering, loading and vapour recovery solutions dedicated
to petroleum distribution :

ALMA designs, develops and manufactures high-accuracy metering instruments dedicated to petroleum distribution. Thanks to its experience and expertise in manufacturing of turbines, sensors and electronics, as well as legal metrology,
ALMA offers a wide and comprehensive range of products and solutions for your refined petroleum metering equipment needs.

CARBOVAC is specialized in hydrocarbons vapour recovery using an innovative technology that combines an adsorption process on activated carbon & regeneration by means of dry screw vacuum pumps. This unique know-how makes CARBOVAC a key player in the VRU market.


Product news

  • ALMA CARBOVAC Corporate company profile

    Metering, loading and vapour recovery solutions dedicated to petroleum distribution


  • ALMA - Metering systems for oil terminals

    Metering systems for oil terminals :

    Loading / Unloading / Transfer
    Injection / Additivation / Blending
    Supervision & management system


  • CARBOVAC company profile

    CARBOVAC is a worldwide supplier of hydrocarbon vapour recovery solutions for truck, rail car, marine and storage tank loading applications.
    Our engineering team was the first to use innovative activated carbon & dry screw vacuum pump technology in our hydrocarbon vapour recovery unit systems throughout the industry.

    Our Vapour Recovery Units are provided with a reliable process management system ensuring a high safety & availability rate with
    lowest energy consumption and higher carbon lifetime expectancy.

    Our extensive know-how & experience on the VRU process using dry screw vacuum pumps (to regenerate the activated carbon), is recognized for its simplicity and reliability by many global oil & gas and storage companies on the market.

    Thanks to our joint ventures with local companies around the world, we offer a reactive and effective service to our customers. Suppliers are chosen based on strong quality criteria including fully operational network to assure permanent availability of spare-parts.