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Optimize your terminal operations, inventory and demand management with DTN’s integrated petroleum and bio fuels supplier and terminal solutions to manage credit, allocations, Bills of Lading/eBOL, pricing and contracting. A full suite of powerful, real-time solutions to assist in fuels related pricing, purchasing, selling, and operating decisions — including market intelligence, private trading portals, customer communications, and plant automation systems.

DTN is widely recognized as the leading provider of independent insight and analysis, digital decision support tools, and actionable proprietary content — all carefully designed to help our customers enhance operational efficiencies, make smarter business decisions, and better manage risk.

DTN Oil & Gas serves as the digital hub — connecting refiners, terminals, carriers, wholesalers, and end customers. Our mission-critical offer is the industry's gold standard.



Product news

  • DTN to Acquire Energy Management Institute

    MINNEAPOLIS (April 10, 2018) – DTN, an independent source of insight and analysis, and decision-support solutions to customers worldwide in agriculture, energy, commodities and financial analytics, announced today that it has acquired Energy Management Institute (EMI), a leading professional services firm providing insight into the energy future.

    EMI provides specialized education and training services to major oil companies, power, natural gas marketers, utilities, investment banks, Fortune 500 end-users and top transportation fleets throughout the world. EMI delivers hands-on, interactive programs that set the standard in energy education provided by instructors who are top industry experts.

    “The acquisition of EMI is aligned with DTN’s strategy to expand our footprint in the Energy and Financial Services sectors, and provides our customers with the knowledge and information needed to improve critical business decisions,” said DTN Co-Chief Executive Officer Jerre Stead. “The acquisition gives DTN access to an educational platform and business model that expands the services we can provide to our current and future customers.”

    Besides training and education, EMI uses its market expertise to publish business-critical indices and newsletters that provide market news and analysis, including purchasing and hedging advice, pricing and more. EMI publications are used by thousands of organizations for daily financial and physical market guidance, including key benchmark contracts. These EMI services are available online, via satellite, fax or email, and through trusted third-party channels.

    EMI’s energy experts have an average of more than 30 years of experience in all facets of the energy industry. Many are executives recruited from trading, refiner/marketers, energy information and data companies, and transportation companies. Most have MBAs or advanced degrees in economics. EMI experts are trusted by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and ICE to provide education and training to the domestic and international exchange community.

    “EMI’s experienced team and educational model combined with DTN’s market-leading solutions creates an opportunity to drive growth among existing and new customers,” said Stephen Gloyd, partner at EMI. “The combination will help get our products in front of customers in the Energy and Financial Services markets who may not have been aware of them before.”

    DTN Co-CEO Sheryl von Blucher said: “Another benefit of the acquisition is that feedback from EMI’s educational courses will create an opportunity to use that information to create new, higher-value offerings for our customers. This will enhance our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with customizable, real-time business intelligence to help them make critical business decisions with complete confidence.”


  • DTN TIMS Supply Forecasting Intelligence and Pipeline Schedules Offer Increased Visibility and Greater Inventory Control

    Minneapolis (January 24, 2018) – DTN, a leading information services company, announced the launch of its newest enhancements to its Terminal Inventory Management System, DTN TIMS®. The latest version further improves operational forecasting by introducing pipeline schedule data to increase insights, enable data-driven decision making and provide greater control of fuel inventory.

    Enhanced Forecasting
    The introduction of advanced forecasting options in the latest version of DTN TIMS allows batch quantities from pipeline schedules to be included in the dashboard, improving forecasting intelligence, providing better visibility into future inventory positions.

    Batch numbers and, if available, nomination numbers are automatically passed and notated in the forecast. This improves forecast intelligence and allows for easier management of inventory from one data source at an enterprise level rather then assessing data from multiple portals and spreadsheets to perform the same task.

    Better Visibility
    The DTN TIMS enhancements offer everyone in the organization better visibility of terminals and allocations all together in one place. Along with the configuration of pipeline batch quantities, consistent data is provided across the organization, providing more valuable data and insights and greater control over inventory levels.

    Customers are able to see scheduled pipeline quantities updated automatically in their forecast. Tracking scheduled movements separately using spreadsheets is no longer needed, improving operational efficiencies.

    This intelligent forecasting and increased visibility helps schedulers identify critical inventory issues such as inventory runouts or over-supply. Such insight enables schedulers to take appropriate actions resulting in improved customer satisfaction and margin optimization.

    DTN is the premier downstream oil and gas automation provider, working continuously to develop new offerings that meet customer needs. Through tight-knit relationships with its customers, DTN is able solve their challenges and the TIMS enhancements are a direct result of customer feedback.


  • DTN TABS Planned Movements Improves Product Accuracy and Streamlines BOL Reconciliation Process

    DTN, a leading information services company, announced today the launch of its newest enhancements to DTN TABS® with the Planned Movements add-on. The new enhancements provide suppliers with greater visibility of transactions, eliminate manual reconciliations of bills of lading (BOLs) and ensure drivers are loading the correct product.