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AxFlow B.V.

AxFlow B.V.


8218 NJ Lelystad

AxFlow is Europe's leading source of positive displacement pumps, pump expertise, top- and side entry mixers, engineering of chemical injection skids and dosing- and metering systems for the Oil & Gas industry, chemical industry, food & beverage, pharmaceutical industry and (waste)water industry.

• AxFlow B.V. (sales office) - over 55 years of experience. An optimal product portfolio of markt leading brands. A solution for every fluidhandling application.
• AxFlow Systems (engineering) - complete system solutions. From design to manufacture and installation to after sales service. One partner for the whole process.
• AxFlow Service (maintenance en repair) - AxFlow Service offers a 24/7 service all over the Netherlands and Flanders on site (on shore and off shore) or in our SCC certified workshop.
• AxFlow DC (European Distribution Center) - 95% of all A-products in stock. Delivery within 24 hours. Very competitive prices thanks to PAN-European stock purchase.


Product news

  • AxFlow presents innovative operation procedures on Plenty mixers

    To obtain the required process result the side entry mixer(s) needs periodically horizontally rotating from 30° left to 30° right. Normally the operator must perform these actions in the field, which effect the labor time and cost.

    Plenty is well aware of these additional, unwanted required manual actions, and offers solutions that will reduce labor time and costs and will result in a higher level of reliable operation.

    Plenty Swivel mixers can be supplied with mechanical and electrical driven swivel actuators that will automatically rotate the required mixer horizontally from 30° left to 30° right. By use of more mixers per tank the synchronization can be achieved by using proximity switches fixed at a preset position. After a certain amounts of cycles the electric actuators can be stopped in the control room and restarted when all mixers are at the preset position. This will ensure that all mixers will be fully in phase for an optimal process result without intervening on site.