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Fort Vale Engineering Ltd

Fort Vale Engineering Ltd


BB127ND Simonstone
United Kingdom

Fort Vale is a world-leading design and manufacturing company with a specialist range of loading arms, API couplers and dry-disconnect couplings for failsafe fuel transfer and fluid handling. Its Safeload coupler has become first choice for terminals and is the only API in the industry with a 3 year warranty.

Fort Vale is also the world-leading designer and manufacturer of manways, valves and fittings for bulk transport liquid, gas and powder tanks. With worldwide distribution, including Holland, USA, China, Russia and Singapore, Fort Vale can service your requirements globally.


Product news

  • Safety - API Adaptor Wear Gauge

    Ever mindful of the need to prevent spillage at the interface between terminal and fuel tanker, Fort Vale developed a wear gauge to check the API adaptor on the fuel tanker.

    This gauge is designed to check the wear of both the outside diameter and the contact face that the coupler latches to, on the API nose on the tanker. It easily slides over the nose and has a simple graduated reading between original condition and maximum wear limit. It was thought that this would become part of the operator’s maintenance review programme of the trucks but in 2006 it became part of a mandatory UK recognized industry standard. This is the Safe Loading Pass for Trailers and Tank Equipment and the Fort Vale gauge is found under section B.12.2.

    This commitment to safety is typical of the company’s ethos and Fort Vale continues to make a major contribution to industry safety within the Petroleum Industry.


  • Trigger Happy!

    Trigger Happy!
    Fort Vale is delighted that one of its satisfied customers is happy to share his feedback with other bottom loading coupler users : “I have been in the industry for almost 20 years and working on loading racks for over 18 and I can honestly say that the Fort Vale coupler is the best API loading coupler we have ever used. I have used many different types and some were just trials but this one beats them all. It is well worth every penny and I look forward to many years of dependable service from these couplers.” – Scott Reiber, Manager, Holly Terminal, Spokane, Washington.

    Good News! The Fort Vale MK3 Safeload bottom loading API couplers are standing the test of time and proving to have a long and reliable service life.

    This assertion is largely credited to the unique design of the extended triggers that cover over 60% of the adaptor circumference. This ensures maximum safety and security of connection between the adaptor and coupler, and reduces the risk of product leakage.
    Fort Vale’s confidence in the expected longevity of the MK3 Safeload’s main components led them to offer an unprecedented 3 year guarantee on all metal parts* in 2011. This warranty still stands and is unmatched by any other coupler manufacturer. On-going research, product development and feedback from hands-on users has revealed that the triggers in the MK3 coupler show very limited signs of localised wear after years of constant service.

    Trigger design is the main difference between the MK2 and the MK3 coupler. Fort Vale had identified that localised wear to the narrow triggers of the MK2 was a safety concern to users and proceeded to design a proprietary wear gauge. Double-ended, it indicated whether the triggers were still serviceable or worn to an unacceptable level. At the launch of the MK3 Safeload coupler in 2007, a similar tool was designed with the same purpose in mind. However, it has become clear during intervening years that, due to the increased surface area contact of the extended triggers, the wear on both the triggers and the truck adaptor is significantly less. The result is a prolonged serviceable life of both units.

    Fort Vale has therefore taken the decision to discontinue the supply of the wear gauge for the MK3 coupler (part number 94/2120) and advises that customers no longer use it. However, it is still recommended to continue the gauging procedure for the MK2 coupler. For all Safeload couplers, Fort Vale advocates regular visual inspections and a periodical comprehensive check after 5 years of service or 250,000 cycles, whichever is the lesser. For any service or technical query, please contact Fort Vale.

    (*under standard environmental conditions . Warranty details can be found at www.fortvale.com/fvetcofsale.pdf (paragraph 9))