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Pneumofore designs and manufactures compressors and vacuum systems for industrial applications worldwide, including pipeline drying, vapor recovery, degassing and gas compressors. Leader in Rotary Vane technology, Pneumofore machines are built-to-last and designed to operate trouble-free for decades, even in harsh environment or extreme conditions. Excellence since 1923.

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Product news

  • Pneumofore launches the Atex-certified K Series Gas Compressors

    Pneumofore’s constant efforts in Research & Development have led to the new K Series gas compressors: the Rotary Vane solution for gas treatment and processing applications. With 2.5 to 10 bar(g) pressure and up to 2690 m3/h, the K Series cover the gas compression requirements of many industries, from the oil&gas and energy sectors to chemicals, from the metal industry to food processing and more.
    The K Series’ high-quality, sturdy design meets the most stringent safety criteria. Moreover, these gas compressors are certified for extreme and explosive environments according to the Atex directive for Zone 1 (Atex II 2 / 2G). Their low rotation speed guarantees longevity and low vibrations, with significant benefits in terms of safety and for a low noise working environment. Their simple design, with few moving parts, ensures maximum reliability and reduced operational cost.
    The K Series gas compressors handle a wide range of gases, including: methane (CH4), ethane (C2H6), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), biogas and natural gas. Each K Series compressor is designed according to the specific gas composition and application. For this reason, a full range of accessories and optionals are available according to the customer’s needs.
    The K Series gas compressors are the solution for high energy savings, low operational cost and constant efficiency over decades. Pneumofore’s state-of-the-art Rotary Vane technology ensures trouble-free operation, stable performance and the lowest Life Cycle Cost in the market.
    Pneumofore K Series gas compressors will be presented for the first time at Achema 2018, the world’s leading tradeshow for chemical engineering and the process industry, held from 11 to 15 June in Frankfurt, Germany. Pneumofore will welcome you at Booth E42 / Hall 9.1


  • Pneumofore Solutions for Vapor Recovery at StocExpo Europe 2019

    StockExpo Europe, the Nr. 1 international event for specialists in the tank terminal industry held in Rotterdam from 26 to 28 March, will welcome the renewd participation of Pneumofore. The company will present its full range of vacuum and compressed air solutions for tank storage, including VRU vacuum units, gas compressors and vacuum systems for pipeline drying. In particular, Pneumofore Vapor Recovery vacuum systems are the ideal solution for customers in search of durable and reliable equipment, able to offer constant performance and trouble-free operation even in harsh or extreme environments. Pneumofore’s constant R&D efforts allow the full integration of its rotary vane vacuum and compressed air products in the tank terminal industrial sector and in the oil and gas industry. The Air-Ends are Atex certified and are successfully running in many installations, mainly in Europe and Asia, for the recovery of gasoline or specific vapors.


  • Vacuum Drying System for Narmada

    In 2011, Pneumofore engineers travelled to India for the commissioning of six vacuum systems model UV16 H B2500B, delivered to Narmada Offshore Constructions, specialist in pigging and hydro-testing to serve the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. The pipeline is in Ujjain, near Indore and measures 48 inch [DN 1200] diameter for the length of 90 km.

    The vacuum drying method was applied after the dewatering with pigs. The considerable volume of 102.000 m3 was evacuated down to 0,3 mbar(a), which corresponds to the Dew Point of -32°C in 6 days only.

    Mr. Selva Kumar, Project Engineer of Narmada, stated: “Thanks for your company having such a product like UV16, this is really a perfect product for our pipeline drying operation. We have successfully completed 48” x 90 kilometers pipeline vacuum drying within 6 days without any major problem.”


  • Vacuum System Renewal in the Production of Petronas Lubricants

    The production process of lubricants for industrial and automotive use requires vacuum for decanting liquids in large quantities and for the evaporation of the condensation accumulated during the storage phases and product transportation.
    In 2014, Petronas Lubricants International relied on Pneumofore’s engineering skills also for the supply of vacuum, with the installation of a UV16 H VS30 rotary vane vacuum pump equipped with inverter at its plant in Villastellone, Italy, where Pneumofore has been trusted for the supply of compressed air for over 30 years.


  • Vacuum Drying of Gas Pipelines for Gazprom

    With about 17% of the world’s proven gas reserves, Gazprom has more gas than most other companies. Coming from liquid ring vacuum systems, skilled Russian engineers were seeking for an alternative. UV50 H pumps of Pneumofore with water vapor suction capability are used now with vast results in terms of drying time and involved costs. The extra sturdy design fits the special requirements for mobile operation on truck trailers.