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Intero Integrity Services


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A.Hak Industrial Services provides worldwide integrated services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, ranging from nitrogen services to pipeline inspection and from commissioning to integrity management. Our Tank division focusses on non-man entry solutions for Storage Tanks: sludge profiling, cleaning and robotic tank bottom inspection. Visit www.a-hak-is.com for more information.


Product news


    At the StocExpo Rotterdam from 28 – 30th March A.Hak Industrial Services B.V. will be introducing his new Online Tank Inspection Systems (OTIS) for Petro chemical plants, airports, water and nuclear industries.

    Due to local regulation issues, tanks usually need to be taken out of service for a fixed time period for inspection, without knowing in advance if this is actually necessary. The new Online Tank Inspection Systems can provide inspections according to API-653 standards, which allows you to avoid having to take the tank off-line. Together with an ATEX-153 ‘safe-working’ declaration by DEKRA and an exclusive developed safety system the robots are one of the most advanced and safe on-line inspection systems on the market.

    Great accuracy
    A.Hak Industrial Services’ patented acoustic navigation system – equipped with navigation pingers in combination with other supplementary systems on the robot and navigation transducers on the tank shell – is used to pinpoint the robot’s location. Using onboard UT transducers, developed with years of knowledge and expertise from our pipeline inspection services, the robot follows a predetermined digital inspection grid and can collect millions ultrasonic scans of the tank bottom in order to perform computerized data analysis. The robot is equipped with an onboard sonar system to detect objects in the tanks. When operating in clear fluids, we can equip the robot with HD cameras for visual inspection and navigation. The navigation allows us to reproduce our inspection grid in the future to determine corrosion rates with great accuracy. Our robots can maneuver in tanks containing sludge of up to 30 centimeters (12 inches) in depth.

    Safe and cost-effective
    Inspections involving a human presence increase safety and environmental risks, and traditional tank bottom inspection technologies require tanks to be offline during inspection. They must be drained, cleaned, degassed and ventilated – all of which incur significant costs for tank owners. By using our robots, the tank bottom inspection takes significantly less time, plus it is safer and more cost-effective.

    A.Hak Industrial Services’ storage tank inspections will ensure the safety, reliability and integrity of your storage tank, while providing more efficient operations.