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Brainum BV


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Find peace of mind in tank terminal management. Experience the feeling of complete control. Enjoy your processes being in top shape, using QINO as your dedicated ERP software for liquid bulk management. With over 10 years of experience and full focus on delivering real time intelligent insight, Brainum takes care, allowing you to focus on further growth. Sound and safe.

Brainum helps liquid bulk storage companies conquer the complicated world of a terminal. Described by our customers as ‘flexible and agile,’ Brainum offers intelligent and sector-specific software solutions to help liquid bulk business have more control and achieve operational and commercial advantage. We provide a scalable and flexible (business) solution to automate tank terminal organizations and to deliver the necessary information to optimize business performance. All functionality is specifically designed and developed for the Liquid Bulk storage and trading industry.

Brainum is a Dutch company, established in 2007, birthed out of a project with a large Dutch terminal network group. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in IT solutions for liquid bulk storage.

More than 1500 individuals use our products worldwide – terminal management and operations, their clients, operators, traders, surveyors, vessels, agents, and customs. These users are all involved directly or indirectly in the (extended) processes at a terminal.


Product news

  • Brainum Case Study Botlek Tank Terminal (BTT)

    Clear support of full terminal operations, from HR to customs

    Frank de Leng, BTT’s Terminal Manager, has a full focus on driving the efficiency of his terminal. Six years ago the terminal was set up, and from the start Frank worked with QINO to automate the core processes. Botlek Tank Terminal is using all QINO modules, supporting the major terminal processes, including customs management. Frank de Leng shares his experience in automating the Botlek Tank Terminal with QINO, supplied by Brainum.


  • Brainum Case Study FinCo

    Start with QINO for the most efficient terminal management

    John van Loon, Manager Logistics at FinCo Fuel Group, requires insight in key parameters of his tank terminals to control the efficiency and safety from a distance. FinCo provides high quality liquid bulk storage available at competitive prices. FinCo does this by taking over existing tank terminals and improving their performance. The Tank Terminal IT Solution QINO is key in this transformation. John van Loon shares his experience automating FinCo terminals with QINO, supplied by Brainum.


  • Brainum Case Study Vesta

    How QINO helps improve our tank terminal performance

    Michiel Flier, Managing Director at Vesta Terminals Antwerp, has two main business drivers: to ensure all employees return to their homes safely at the end of the day, and to offer the best service to customers. About five years ago Vesta started a major automation project at their Antwerp tank terminal, and selected QINO as best fit-for-purpose software to automate their operations from order-to-cash. With the control and insight QINO offers, it helped improve both safety and customer satisfaction. Michiel Flier shares his experience with QINO, supplied by Brainum.


  • LBC Tank Terminals NV has chosen QINO from Brainum to automate all of its 14 terminals

    LBC Tank Terminals NV (Mechelen, Belgium) has chosen QINO from Brainum to automate all of its 14 terminals. Together with LBC HQ, Brainum will implement its QINO Order-2-Cash modules to manage LBC’s core processes “customer service” and “operations”.

    The extensive integration of all processes into one system provides LBC the opportunity to bring customer service to a new, higher level. The increase in productivity and efficiency will allow LBC to grow and expand its business considerably.

    QINO was chosen for its broad functional coverage, and availability as a standard software solution, as Mr. Niels van Bladeren, CFO of LBC TT explained. The first LBC terminal is planned to go live in April 2016.