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Saval BV

Saval BV


4815PN Breda

Saval is specialised in fire protection on storage tanks. We have over 40 years of experience for various “on site” solutions for automatic fire detection and fire extinguishing systems. Our fully integrated early detection and fast acting automatic extinguishing system is installed on over 3500 tanks in 120 different countries.
Saval also offers a wide range of fire fighting equipment, from handheld to wheeled extinguishers, including consultancy, supervision, commissioning, maintenance and training of client’s personnel.


Product news

  • SmartMix®

    Cost reduction for the customer and environmental protection was our drive for the development of the new foam proportioner: SmartMix®. SmartMix® is an electronic foam mixing system which very accurately mixes foam concentrate and water for foam extinguishing systems. The full testing procedure can be done without consuming foam concentrate and without creating foam solution. The procedure is economical and environmentally friendly with no clean up required.