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Keeping the World Flowing

Since 1957, Rotork has grown to be a major international business with subsidiaries all around the World.
For more than sixty years, engineers have relied upon Rotork for innovative, dependable solutions to manage the flow of liquids, gases and powders. From safety systems that may be needed just once in a lifetime to process controls that are constantly on the move, Rotork flow control products remain the clear choice, Worldwide.
You will be able to locally source Rotork's products, supported by life-of-plant maintenance, repair and upgrade services.

Committed to Innovation

At every stage in the Company's history, Rotork's engineers have focused on solving customer challenges - and developing new solutions - with levels of engineering skill and creativity that our competitors still cannot match.

With every product that Rotork develops, you can be sure of one thing: That quality and reliability are an integral part.

Serving the World

Rotork has always been committed to Global supply, supporting operations in some of the most remote and challenging environments.
We have established manufacturing facilities across the Globe which together with our own Global network of local offices, regional Centres of Excellence and Agents provide over 800 Rotork outlets Worldwide.

In the tank farm industry Rotork offers innovating solutions and complies with the PGS29 regulation. For more information please visit our website: www.rotork.com or contact our local office via +31 (0)10 414 69 11 or Sales-nl@rotork.com


Product news

  • Rotork is ‘one-stop shop’ for tank farm flow control

    Rotork has demonstrated its ability to be a one-stop shop for valve actuation products and services for tank farm automation projects throughout the world. Rotork’s activities encompass the supply of intelligent actuators for isolating, modulating and failsafe valves, digital control systems, valve gearboxes, valve adaptation, workshop motorisation, on-site retrofitting, commissioning, maintenance and asset management.
    Rotork IQ intelligent electric valve actuation with Pakscan two-wire digital control is the preferred choice for valve automation on tank farms and terminals on every continent. IQ3 double-sealed IP68 watertight and explosionproof actuators are designed for maximum reliability with enhanced functionality, featuring non-intrusive, intrinsically safe commissioning, data logging and predictive maintenance capabilities. The large toughened glass wide angle indication window is the focus of attention for two-way wireless communication and multi-functional indication, encompassing user-friendly menus for setting-up, configuration and commissioning, local position indication, valve and actuator status, asset management and diagnostic operating information.
    An LCD segment display provides positional and warning icon information, whilst actuator setup and operating menus along with detailed diagnostic and operational data screens are clearly displayed in dot matrix format. Four selectable home-screens provide a quick view of operational status and process information in real-time without having to navigate to the diagnostic screens. Diagnostic graphics present a window into the process, showing the valve torque and usage profiles along with service logs, facilitating real time analysis directly at the actuator.

    The hand-held setting tool uses an infrared signal and Bluetooth® wireless technology. Advanced IQ data logging and communication capabilities are optimised to meet the end users’ desire to access more data, both in the field and in the control room. Using the setting tool the data from the actuators can be transferred to a PC for analysis using Rotork Insight2 diagnostic software. Valve maintenance requirements can be identified and anticipated, eliminating unplanned interruptions to the process or over-cautious planned maintenance outages.

    The Pakscan P3 wireless digital network can also be used for this function, enabling data retrieval to be performed in the comfort of the control room. Pakscan P3 is a digital control system designed specifically for valve actuators and has actuator focused features that are unavailable from other designs. For example, the capacity for up to 240 actuators on a fault tolerant field network, up to twenty kilometres long without repeaters, is an important reliability and economic consideration in the spacious environments of tank farms.
    Pakscan also provides dual host communication paths as standard and has the ability to isolate any field based fault without interrupting communication with other units on the loop. In fact Pakscan’s configuration provides built-in redundancy in every area – from the valve to the control room – ensuring that vital information for the host controller on valve position, status and condition is as secure as possible.
    Additional functionality and further economies are facilitated by the use of Pakscan P3 with a wireless field network. Wireless Pakscan eliminates virtually all the costs associated with the installation of wiring, cable ducts, safety barriers and associated equipment required for network cabling, whilst enabling an increased level of information from the actuators to be communicated over the wireless network.
    In addition to the supply of IQ actuators, Rotork also fulfils specialised areas of actuation duty. Compact and robust Skilmatic SI/EH range electro-hydraulic failsafe actuators deliver a highly reliable means of valve management and positioning a valve to a safe condition, selectable for failsafe to open, failsafe to close or lock in position on power failure or emergency shutdown (ESD) signal. Using Rotork IQ intelligent actuation technology, the Skilmatic SI/EH control module facilitates the same safe and swift non-intrusive commissioning. Settings including valve position, position limits, control, alarm and indication functions can be accessed and adjusted using user-friendly point-and-shoot menus. Actuator status, control and alarm icons are provided on the illuminated LCD display, which also gives access to real-time information, help screens and diagnostics. Designed to SIL3 standards for use on safety critical applications, the actuators are also capable of partial stroke testing.
    For process control valves, the CVA electric actuator provides extremely precise modulating control with repeatability and resolution performance at less than 0.1% of full scale. In addition to the convenience of all electric control and operation, the CVA uses Rotork’s non-intrusive communication technology for actuator set-up, auto calibration and adjustment. Further benefits include comprehensive performance data logging, a double-sealed explosionproof and IP68 watertight enclosure for environmental protection and programmable fail-to-position options using integral super-capacitors. The CVA data logger stores operational data such as valve torque profiles, events and statistics that can be downloaded for detailed analysis using Rotork Enlight software.
    Rotork’s comprehensive local workshop facilities often assist with the supply of motorised valves by enabling valves to be fitted with actuators and tested in before delivery to site as completed packages. In addition, experienced engineers from Rotork Site Services are available to fit actuators to valves on the site, providing additional flexibility to suit the logistics of the contract. Rotork Site Services also provides a comprehensive range of after sales asset management products, including planned and emergency service contracts, upgrades, repairs, health checks, replacement planning and preventative maintenance.