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Stäubli Hamburg GmbH


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AS a global market leader, Stäubli develops quick connector systems for all types of fluids and electrical energies meeting industry requirements in most sectors. Quick-release couplings, multicoupling plates, robotic tool changers and Quick Mold Change solutions for plastics are designed to ensure cost efficiency and operators' safety.


Product news

  • RS Roman Seliger joins Stäubli Group

    Based on 114 years of experience, innovation and attention to detail, Roman Seliger offers perfect fluid connections for various industries.
    Now we are proud of being able to advance this role as a part of the well-known Stäubli Group. In doing so, we will continue to focus on internationalization and future trends.

    With our highest flow rate couplings for fluid logistics, we complete the Stäubli range perfectly. Fluid line connection applications are now reaching a new dimension.

  • Safety Breakaway Coupling ABVC

    Safety Breakaway Coupling ABVC series
    with force-limited triggering via breaking pins and a taper sleeve closure − for cryogenic media such as LNG and other media with low temperatures


  • Safety Breakaway Couplings ABVL and ASVL

    Breakaway couplings with optimised flow:
    Applied bionics

    ABVL (release by breaking pin) and ASVL (release by control cable) are the names of the latest product line of breakaway couplings from RS Seliger. This product line is based on the proven RS valve principle and was developed especially under economic aspects to optimise the pressure loss of these breakaway couplings and to significantly improve flow-through behaviour. To achieve this, the design was based on models from nature such as dolphins and squids and then optimised by means of CFD or computational fluid dynamics analysis. Result: four times greater throughput compared to conventional technology.

    Higher flow-through capacity and improved energy efficiency
    The result was a totally new design of breakaway couplings that feature the following attributes:
    • Significant increase of flow-through with the same nominal width
    • Significant reduction of the pressure loss
    • Fewer parts for safe handling and simple maintenance
    • Low amounts of emissions through fast closing valves
    • Flow-through possible in both directions
    • Only slight tendency of the coupling toward cavitation
    The ABVL or ASVL is also available as a joined marine version.

    Proven safety
    At the same time, the new breakaway couplings provide full functionality for their actual task: namely to minimise the effects of an industrial accident and to protect people and the environment from an unwanted leak of mediums. Breakaway couplings are safety components used to prevent one of the most serious safety hazards in the process of loading fluid media: the unwanted and disproportionate tensile load on the load line, caused, for example, when tanker trucks and rail tank wagons move off too soon or by ships drifting. Such tensile loads can mechanically damage or even destroy both the connection points and the load line itself, which could even lead to uncontrolled leaks of the media being loaded, posing a corresponding hazard to people and the environment. The breakaway coupling ensures “controlled” separation. Either by means of a predetermined breaking point as in the ABVL, which uses three breaking pins whose strength is specially designed for the hose line in use and which can easily be replaced. Or using travel limitation as in the ASVL, by means of a control cable that ensures “controlled separation” once the critical point is exceeded. After the separation, the valves close and prevent the medium from escaping from the hose and tube side.

    Further information can be found online at
    www.rs-seliger.de. HS

    RS Roman Seliger Armaturenfabrik GmbH
    An’n Slagboom 20, D-22848 Norderstedt
    Phone: +49 40 523064-0, Fax: +49 40 523064-25,

  • Safety Breakaway Couplings with cable release ASVL

    Reduction of throughput times and improvement of energy efficiency

    Roman Seliger presents its newest range of breakaway couplings with cable release: ASVL. This product line is based on our proven valve principle and was specially developed with economic factors in mind.
    The loss of pressure during flow through the new couplings has been minimised by following examples from nature such as the dolphin, and was optimised using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
    Like other safety couplings from RS, ASVL breakaway couplings with cable release prevent industrial accidents. They protect hoses and flanged pipes from excessive loads, including non-axial forces. The cable release mechanism ensures that no tensile force can be applied to the hoses or other parts of the plant equipment. The coupling’s opening is triggered via a traction rope that is shorter than the connected hose line.
    After separation, the valves close and prevent leaks of the medium on the hose and pipe side and thereby protect both people and the environment.

    Breakaway couplings are used where loading and unloading between stationary and mobile units takes place. The breakaway coupling protects pipes and hoses against disproportionately high stress.
    • Protects hoses and connections
    • Protects people and the environment from
    accidental fluid release
    • Traction line version for hoses which must not be
    subjected to tensile force
    • Safe activation up to a 90° pull-down angle
    • Significantly reduced pressure loss
    • High flow rates.


  • Safety during any event

    When the tankers arrive on the industrial tracks on the factory premises of Sasol Germany GmbH Herne, your freight has already travelled a great distance. It was manufactured in the Sasol main factory in Secunda/South Africa, shipped from Durban to Rotterdam and offloaded once again onto the railroad for further processing in the Herne factory. Nothing should go wrong there, not at the very last minute. When Sasol built a new unloading facility in Herne for this purpose, naturally the safety of the employees, the environment and the surrounding area was given the highest priority; however, the economic aspect was given the second highest priority. An RS innovation enables both priorities to be combined.

    TÜV requirement for a breakaway coupling
    During the construction of loading facilities for chemicals, the TÜV, as a standard requirement, defines two types of safety couplings for the hose connection between the tanker and the pump: a breakaway coupling that prevents leakages in case of an unintentional disconnect, and a dry coupling that prevents leakages from occurring during the operational necessary separation of both couplings halves during the normal coupling and decoupling process. The problem: safety is indispensable but up until now it had a high price tag due to technical reasons, namely a flow cross-section that is low in comparison to the hose diameter in the couplings. The medium gets jammed at this “bottleneck”. The consequence: the loading times per wagon become longer and more expensive; the same is true of the loading station employees’ “idle times”.
    The responsible product engineer at the Herne location, industrial engineer Torsten Wupper, consulted Peter Badners, department manager for hose technology at the technical wholesaler Schloemer, a company that has been consulting Sasol in Herne for more than 20 years in relation to hose and valve technology. As a RS Premium Partner, Mr Badners was able to offer the most suitable solution.

    More efficiency in the loading process
    ABVL is the name of the latest product line of breakaway couplings with breaking pins from RS Seliger. This product line is based on the proven RS valve principle and was developed especially under economic aspects to optimise the pressure loss and to significantly improve the flow-through. At the same time, the new breakaway coupling provides full functionality for its actual task: namely to minimise the effects of an industrial accident and to protect people and the environment from an unwanted leak of mediums.
    Torsten Wupper is just as satisfied with the new installation as the employees at the unloading station. “Instead of restricting the flow-through, we can now work at full capacity.”

    This use is comprehensively described in the new RS Reference Brochure “Sasol”, which can be obtained free of charge by contacting RS Roman Seliger Armaturenfabrik GmbH, An'n Slagboom 20, 22848 Norderstedt or by calling our hotline +49 40 523064-11 or sending an email to: info@rs-seliger.de. The brochure can also be downloaded: www.rs-seliger.de.