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SABA Dinxperlo B.V.


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SABA presents its durable, flexible sealants and sealing systems for tanks and tank parks, in Ahoy Rotterdam, at StocExpo Europe 2017. The high polysulphide content and the special product composition is the unique aspect of these solutions. The resulting excellent chemical resistance ensures that the life of the sealants exceed 25 years, even under the most extreme circumstances.

Cost-savings by durability
SABA’s polysulphide products have the major benefit of durability. Due to the high-quality chemical resistance, the sealants have a life of over 25 years. Research has shown that the products come in for considerably higher scores than other regular products in terms of chemical resistance, for instance with respect to the impact of petroleum products, including solvents and (bio)fuels as well as mineral and organic acids. With less maintenance required for the tanks or tank parks, and the longer life of the sealant, the resulting cost-savings are considerable.

Proven solutions
SABA’s polysulphide products have been used for many years in soil protection facilities that require high chemical resistance, like airports, petrol stations, chemical companies, tanks and silos. The SABA sealants and sealing systems are used by Aramco, BASF, BP, Exxon, Total, Shell, Vopak, Hexion and Cargill for instance. SABA’s proven solutions have been certified in conformity with all relevant standards, including ETA and CE.

For 85 years now, SABA has been an expert in soil protection and it provides sealants and sealing systems for durable soil protecting seals in virtually any situation. As polysulphide technology offers several relevant benefits, the SABA policy includes an intentional focus on this technology.