Conference programme

CPD certified conference programme

For the very first time, the highly-anticipated, CPD-certified conference programme will be hosted on the show floor, allowing even greater access to in-depth sessions and debates delivered by over 30 industry speakers. CEOs, Terminal Managers and Analysts from companies such as Shell, Alpha Terminals and Port of Rotterdam are lined up to speak at the conference.

26 March: Market trends, Analysis & Insight

10:00 - Opening remarks from the chair

Ellen Ruhotas, Managing Director, Zenith Terminals


10:15 - Current Refined Product and petrochemical Outlook

-Impact on demand for tank storage

-The rise of electric vehicles and impact of crude oil demand

- Supply and demand fundamentals

- How long will backwardation last?

- Iranian supply & other geopolitical factors on trade flows

Stephen Harrison, Principal, Nexant, Energy and Chemicals Advisory


10:45 -  Oil majors: now what?

- Shift to decarbonisation

- Impact of shale production on market dynamics

- Consequences for tank storage

Jean-Baptiste Renard, CEO, 2PR Consulting

11:15 Networking break in the exhibition hall

11:45 - Case study: Tank Storage in Germany

- Overview of the German Tank Storage industry

-Differences of the German Tank Storage market in comparison to other European countries (e.g. The Netherlands, Belgium)

-Structure of players on the German Tank Storage market

-Main challenges the German Tank Storage market is facing in a medium and long term perspective

Frank Schaper, Director, German Tank Storage Association, UTV


12:15 - Global crude and products trade outlook

 - How will growing US production, OPEC output cuts, and East of Suez refinery investments shape the crude trade?

- What are the implications of IMO2020, changes in transportation and petrochemicals sectors for the product trade?

Cüneyt Kazokoglu, Director of Long-Term Oil Service & Head of Oil Demand, FGE

12:45 - How the low energy carbon transition impacts the oil/petrochemical market

- Research on transport trends in the EU in four main automotive markets: Germany, Poland, France and the UK

- Electric vehicle revolution contributes to meeting the EU’s climate goals

- the shift from imported oil to domestically produced electricity and hydrogen

Jon Stenning, Associate Director, Cambridge Econometrics

13:15 Lunch in the exhibition hall

14:10 - Opening remarks from the Conference Chair


14:15 - Alpha Terminals- growth in a competitive market place

- Growth Strategy

- Ensuring sustainability

- Keys to success

Mike van Croonenburg, Director, Alpha Terminals

14:45 Are you ready for IMO2020?

Mark Williams, Managing Director, Shipping Strategy


15:15 Networking break in the exhibition hall

15:45 - Bitumen: is the current shortage a call for more storage opportunities in Europe?

- Why is bitumen an alternative for refiners to High sulfur bunkers

- Evolution of bitumen production in Europe

- Expected impact of IMO 2020 on bitumen production

- Key questions storage operators should ask themselves to identify if they have potential for bitumen

Arnaud Waché, President, AWBP


16:15 - Protecting storage tank installations in conflict zones

- Case study: Singapore’s Pulau Busing Island

- Different options available for fire safety

- Overview of European regulations for fire safety & ensuring compliance

Andras Peller, Director, Swiss Fire


16:45 End of day one

27 March: The Terminal of Tomorrow

10:00 - Opening remarks from the chair

Jan Edelmann, Commodity Analyst


10:15 - Keynote presentation: The day after tomorrow: How to win in a world of AI, robots and automation

Steven Van Belleghem, Motivational Speaker


11:00 Networking break in the exhibition hall

11:30 - Practical deployment of new technologies in a terminal

 Matthew Hudson, Terminal Manager, Shell


12:00 - Securing Tank Terminals against Cyber Security Threats

- New NIS Directive

Ilya Tillekens & Marcel Jutte, Hudson Cybertec



12:30 Networking lunch in the exhibition hall

13:45 - Port case study: Transforming the port’s operational environment by implementing digital technologies

Ronald Backers, Business Intelligence, Port of Rotterdam


14:15 - The digital transformation: how IoT can be used to improve efficiency at the terminal

- The idea of a common data model

-    Innovative hardware and software solutions to increase safety, availability and transparency of terminal operation

Wilfried Kleiser, Senior Project Manager, Siemens


14:45 - How to apply digital transformation in terminals optimising safety and efficiency

Frank Miksicek, System Engineer Software Transformation, Honeywell


15:15 - How to future-proof the tank storage sector 

- Matthew Hudson, Terminal Manager, Shell
-  Ronald Backers, Business Intelligence, Port of Rotterdam
- Ilya Tillekens & Marcel Jutte, Hudson Cybertec 
  - Wilfried Kleiser, Senior Project Manager, Siemens


15:45 Networking break in the exhibition hall

16:15 - Rail based supply chain for bulk liquid logistics in Europe

- Overcoming challenges of low water levels in the Rhine

- Hinterland connectivity

- Optimising the inland supply chain  

- Trade flows

 Erik Koning, Senior Account Manager, Sales & Operation Centre Chemicals, DB Cargo BTT


16:45 - New Global Guidelines for Oil & Petrochemical Terminal Design and Assessment

Ron Heffron, Senior Market & Project Director, COWI


17:15 - Prevent incidents and increase efficiency with new technology for floating roof monitoring

Tomas Hasselgren, Global Business Development Manager, Tank Gauging, Emerson


17:45 End of day two & late night networking

28 March: Learning from International Markets

10:00 - Opening remarks from the chair

Jan Edelmann, Commodity Analyst


10:05 - Safety leadership in Tank Storage

Peter Davidson, Executive Director, UK Tank Storage Association

10:30 - Overview of the Tank Storage sector in the US

Kathryn Clay, President, ILTA


11:00 Networking break in the exhibition hall

11:30 - Case study: Booming storage market in the US

- Who is Seabrook logistics?

- What are the drivers behind its formation?

- What is the future outlook for the US tank storage business? 

Jeff Dewar, Senior Vice President, Americas, LBC Tank Terminals


12:00 - The impact of new data & market intelligence for the storage industry

 Fabio Kuhn, CEO, Vortexa


12:30- Case study from a terminal operator: Securing exploitation conditions with safe tank foundations 

Bertrand Stoehr, Senior Project Manager, Keller

Jan van den Blink, Project Director, GPS terminal in Amsterdam 


13:00 Networking lunch in the exhibition hall

14:00 - Increasing an assets life cycle through improved Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) programme

Edwin van der Leden, Eddyfi Technologies


14:20 - Self-driving tank-terminals; nonsense or reality?!

- Is operating a tank-terminal more complex than a self-driving car through chaotic traffic?

- Why isn’t there a single self-driving tank-terminal yet?

- What challenges do businesses encounter when trying to implement SMACT technologies 

Lambert Caljouw, Implementation Consultant, Brainum


14:40 - Understanding why static electricity is an ignition source in combustible atmospheres

Raquel Toro Duran, European Sales, Newson Gale


15:00 End of conference