5 key success factors

We’d like to share the five secrets of our success. Just five? Yes, because that gives us focus and strategic direction. We want to make it easy for customers to enjoy a great experience when they “visit the future” at our events.


Customer centricity

We always aim to give customers a great experience. But being customer-centric is more than what you can see or experience directly; it reflects all of the things we do, whether or not our customers notice. A great customer experience is the visible tip of the iceberg, but without the invisible 90% of customer-centric actions, there would be nothing to see. Above all, our customer-centricity means understanding the communities we serve and basing our actions on this understanding.



It is in our name. Easy. We want to make the customer experience as easy, frictionless, convenient and enjoyable as possible. We regularly challenge our team members to answer the question: “What have you easified today?” We are always looking for ways to extend and enrich the Easyfairs business proposition, which is to make life easier and the whole experience of participating in events more pleasant for exhibitors and visitors.



“Easify” depends on the technology backbone that runs through our company. A backbone with an entire stack of fully integrated best-in-class applications, and consistent, accurate data flowing through it. That data is constantly enriched by our successes and best practices learned in the field and shared as actionable knowledge throughout the organisation for continuous improvement and business development.



We have implemented a comprehensive talent strategy and detailed methodology comprising five dimensions: talent attraction, talent management, talent development, rewarding talent, and engagement & retention of talent. More than any other industry you can mention, the events business is a “people business”. So talent management is vitally important. We believe that talent-centricity drives customer-centricity.



Technology is opening up exciting new opportunities for the events industry, and Easyfairs is at the forefront of harnessing these opportunities. In the course of their journey with Easyfairs, customers generate vast amounts of data, which can tell us what they really value. We are unlocking that value by leveraging data to easify the experience for exhibitors and visitors, giving them a better return on investment (RoI) and return on time (RoT).

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