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Gericke AG

Gericke AG


8105 Regensdorf

Gericke supplies conveying, sifting, high-precision feeding and mixing solutions that handle a broad range of ingredients such as pellets, powders, floodable powders and fibreglass for food, chemical, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries.


Product news

  • Gericke enhances customer service in Latin America

    Successful process planning, cost-effective solutions for feeding and mixing systems, as well as its bulk material processing expertise form the base of the long-standing customer relationships, which Gericke is proud to cherish.

    With the aim to serve our customers with locations in Latin America even more focused and rapid, Gericke has founded in São Paulo, Brazil a new group company! Gericke Brasil Ltda. directs its services to the chemical and food industry and is responsible for the distribution of Gericke conveying, metering and mixing systems, also turnkey plants for the bulk processing industry.

    You may find any contact information on the Gericke websites www.gericke.net.
    We are proud to contribute with our skilled engineers and modern equipment to your success with your bulk processing projects in Latin America!

    Our team looks forward to get in touch with you: gericke.br@gericke.net.


  • The advantages of Gericke’s Easydos Pro controller for gravimetric feeding

    Manufacturer of continuous feeders do not offer only PLC based control solutions but also specific, dedicated controllers for gravimetric feeding equipment. The idea to use PLC control parts instead of supplier owned technologies may seem easy. From a financial and process point of view it is worth in most cases and more attractive to use the specific feeding controller of the manufacturers and to link them to the parent IT structure by using Ethernet/IP or bus protocol.

    Gericke offers with EASYDOS Pro a controller that can be used flexibly and reliably in different feeding processes and is linked to its environment with powerful communication interfaces.

    A feeding ensemble is embedded in upstream and downstream process stages. Their influence and interaction to the feeding equipment and control is considered during the design phase of a feeding installation. Modern control solutions, tailored as EASYDOS Pro for feeding applications are usually better configurable and easier to integrate than direct PLC solutions.

    Easydos Pro can be used for loss-in-weight applications for feeders, belt scales and vibro feeders for continuous or batch operation.

    EASYDOS Pro guarantees highest reliability and accuracy in an industrial environment by unique algorithms and a fast processor. It detects short-term external disturbances and a quick follow of start up and down ramps and the control of the refilling devices.

    Applications and configurations can be downloaded from the PC. Programs and data can be saved on USB memory stick. The exporting of configuration data is generated in the widely spread XML file format.

    The display data are all stored in a built-in flash memory. It enables the quick and easy change between preset parameters and allows a weighing system to be adapted to changes in the process environment. The availability of the control is maximum and independent of parent controls.

    The case of the Easydos Pro is being protected from electromagnetic sources and meets sanitary requirements. For validated processes, the controller can be locked.

    Gericke supplies complete feeding and mixing plants from its own design and manufacturing. Practical trials with feeding and mixing equipment can be carried out in one of Gericke’s Test Centres.


  • Gericke CSM1542 Twin Sifter, sized for the largest applications

    Centrifugal sifters are the preferred option where space is limited due to their compact design and high throughput. With a footprint of only 2.1 x 1.5 metres and a height requirement as little as 1.2 metres, the Gericke CSM1542 Twin can sieve at rates in excess of 60,000 kg per hour.

    Most frequently used in the Flour Milling Industry, the Gericke CSM1542 Twin is just as well suited to other bulk food and chemical processing lines. Typically situated at the point of tanker loading, reliability is as important as the compact design. As an alternative to the standard Nylon Screens, Gericke are able to offer perforated plate and wedge wire screens ensuring high sieving efficiency whilst providing the longest screen life. With over 115 years’ experience in the Bulk Processing Industry, Gericke are the natural choice when industry knowledge, reliable performance and support are critical factors.

    When used in a policing application to remove foreign matter such as paper, string or cable insulation, Gericke sifters are capable of efficiencies in excess of 99.95% almost eliminating the waste resulting from other sifting techniques.

    The Gericke CSM1542 Twin is available with certification to ATEX Category 1/2D T135ºC, suitable for use in ATEX Classified Zones 20 Internal and 21 External with all Gericke sifters being certified to conform to all the relevant and current EU Norms.

    Gericke has test equipment available and offer conduct trials in one of the Gericke Test Cen-tres.

    With manufacturing and design offices across Europe, Latin America and Asia why not visit www.gericke.net to contact your local representative and discuss your next application.


  • Systems

    For more than 115 years (founded 1894), Gericke has been planning and supplying systems for powder handling! In the pneumatic conveying technology as well as in the feeding and mixing technology Gericke belongs to the market leaders.

    At the beginning of every project when designing a feeding and mixing station there is the question whether to create a batch or continuous process. To come to a conclusion, a careful analysis of the products and processes involved is required, considering the further conditions and criteria. Sometimes, the advantages might be with a batch solution, but there are other processes where a continuous system might be preferred.

    The competence of a successful plant supplier is proven by the fact that he is able to judge the product flow and to identify any potential bottle necks or obstacles as this influences the choice of equipment. The importance of a mechanical set up of each component or a plant should not get underestimated; a constructive lack cannot be improved by any electronics or control technology but could cause big losses.

    Gericke undertakes great efforts in R&D in pneumatic conveying, feeding and mixing technology and offers additionally components for quality control, e.g. equipment for size reductions and sifters. The know-how based, competent treating of a project is what a customer gets when speaking with Gericke. Gericke is able to do the entire calculating of a production plant and delivers complete solutions including control and visualisation. The reliability of Gericke equipment and systems is outstanding, numerous feeders, mixers and pneumatic conveying systems are running for at least 50 years at different places all over the world. That reliability increases the return on investment for every customer.
    On customer’s desire and in order to assist him after the start-up period, a connection for remote accessed service can be installed.

    All equipment is available for tests in one of the Gericke Test Centres.

    Gericke is for 17 years present in Asia with subsidiaries in Singapore and Shanghai. In 2010 the company opened an affiliated company in South America. By this action Gericke cares actively about close relationship and prompt service for its customers.


  • Gericke Continuous Mixer GCM 800 ECB and 1200 ECB

    Highest mixing homogeneity and the hygienic design characterize the continuous mixers GCM made by Gericke. The series has now been further improved by the models type GCM ECB.
    With the latest design it is possible to extract the drive and the mixer housing for easy access. The mixer has 3 operation positions:

    - 1 Mixing position
    - 2 Cleaning positions

    The GCM 800 ECB and 1200 ECB are equipped with a cantilevered shaft and a shaft seal which can be dismantled completely in a very simple way. In the hygienic version, the parts in contact with the product are polished.

    The mixer has no hollow bodies where residue can build up.
    The experiences made with the mixers during the operation have been incorporated in the design of this latest model. For the user it means a remarkable improvement in regard of
    accessibility to all components and excellent cleanability of the mixer.
    The GCM mixer is suitable for the operation in ATEX zones.

    Optionally the mixer can be delivered with heating/cooling jacket, different weir plates for the adjustment of the residence time and a pneumatic batch process unit. The new generation GCM ECB sets a new benchmark for continuous mixing.

    Continuous mixing processes help to make to process flow more efficient. The energy consumption per output is low, the physical manipulation of the bulk material is minimal and therefore the risk for segregation can be eliminated.

    For the accurate feeding of the ingredients into the continuous mixers, Gericke proposes its approved and adapted range of volumetric and gravimetric feeders.

    In the Test Centres of Gericke it is possible to make continuous feeding and mixing trials. It is as well possible to make tests with batch mixers and pneumatic conveying systems.


  • Pneumatic dense phase conveying

    Pneumatic dense phase conveying systems for powders and granulates with pressure vessels are favored against lean phase conveying systems with rotary valves wherever one of the following criteria is important:
    - The products have a fragile surface structure and must be transported without any damage. Together with the actual minimizing of the destruction of the product it can also be important to prevent fines generated by the attrition of the product during the transport, because these fines can have a tendency to coat the pipeline with product caking. Examples: milk powder, fat powder, salt, sugar, plastic granulates, chemical intermediate and end products
    - Mixtures should not segregate trough the transport: Examples: coffee powder mixtures, cereal mixtures, mortar mixtures
    - The product is abrasive, meaning that there is danger of high wear of pipelines and of the installed components. Examples: sand, alumina, coke
    - The consumption of air and thus the corresponding operating energy costs has to be reduced. Above all, if the conditioning of the conveying medium is very complex (e.g. absolute dry and clean air or nitrogen as conveying medium)

    The Gericke dense phase conveying systems can be operated with air starting velocities from 2 m/s depending on the product and on the application, in comparison to lean phase conveying systems with starting velocities from 20 m/s. The solids loading (= amount of kg of product that can be transported with 1 kg of conveying medium) in dense phase conveying systems can reach up to 150, whereas in lean phase conveying systems the solids loading usually lies in the range of 5-10.

    Depending on the application Gericke chooses from several operation modes (plug conveying type PTA, plug conveying with external bypass air type PTA PL, dune or layer conveying) the best suited conveying system. The pressure vessels and the additional components are custom-designed and hygienic as well as wear and heat resistant executions can be delivered. The pressure vessels as single vessels are operating in a batch-cycle. For a continuous transport a double-vessel system is used, which gives using the same pipe diameter an increased capacity and require less height.
    Gericke conveying systems are used in all bulk material processing industries for a very broad product range from A as adipic acid to Z as zeolite.
    In our Test Centers all different kinds of pneumatic conveying systems can be tested to gain the exact conveying parameters. From tests also knowledge of product quality (attrition) and of possible product caking in pipelines is gained. Besides the Test Centers Gericke also offers to customer to use rental machines to be tested directly on site.


  • Continuous mixing processes for pharmaceutical solids

    A new kind of micro mixer now makes it possible for continuous solid substance processes to be carried out in the pharmaceutical industry. This increases flexibility in comparison with the traditional batch process, while at the same time reducing the space required.

    The Food Drug Adminstration FDA, the American approval authority for pharmaceutical products, has started some years ago an initiative “ Continuous Manufacturing”. This initiative is aimed at improving the production process, allow more rapid development and lead to reduced production cost. To meet their requirements of this new mixing process, Gericke have extended their range of GCM continuous mixers for this very small throughput volumes. The GCM 250 is designed for a capacity 1 - 200 kg/h, such it can be directly installed up-stream a tablet compaction unit.

    The mixer has a cantilevered mixing rotor with a quick release connection. A purely metallic flashed shaft seal guarantees that non of the products can enter into this chamber. The mixing chamber rotor and shaft seal can be separated from the stationary drive unit in a matter of a few seconds for cleaning. All the process parts can be cleaned in an autoclave.

    The mixer and the loss-in-weight feeders can be tested in the Gericke Test Centre.


  • New Multiflux® Mixer GMS C from Gericke

    Gericke’s Multiflux® mixer GMS creates with its 2 horizontal, overlapping mixing rotors a fluidized bed. As a mixing process is based on the exchange of the particles in a volume by convection, this principle is very efficient for the energy saving and product respecting mixing.

    The GMS mixer is known as long-lasting and reliable process equipment. In order to complete its existing range, Gericke has made a redesign of the GMS Multiflux mixer that responds to the increasing demand for hygienic execution in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
    The new model is called GMS C. C stands for cantilevered and refers to the 2 shafts that are cantilevered, offering many advantages. Not only the number of sealing is divided by 2. Due to the construction, the front side of the mixer can be opened entirely. In the high end version, named the GMS ECD, the operator can even pull out the complete drive and mixing shafts out of the body. Large lateral doors offer an easy access to the mixing chamber.
    The new execution shortens the inspection-, dismantle- and cleaning cycle and increases the value creating production time!
    The concept of the shaft sealing is adapted according to the product and process characteristics.
    A reliable and robust food grade stuffing box is in the basic execution foreseen. In the high end version, a “hypergienic” sealing allows the dismantling without tools and total access to the shafts.
    Different investigations show that Gericke’s Multiflux® mixers are capable to mix additives and minor components quick and reliably also in concentrations of some per mille.
    Industrial scaled trials can be carried out in our new with full-scale machines equipped Test Center.