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Kemutec is proudly recognised as a global, high quality supplier for Powder Processing equipment, for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

At Kemutec, we are the manufacturer of KEK Centrifugal Sifters, KEK Breakers, KEK Cone Mills, KEK Universal Mills, PPS Air Classifiers Mills, Gardner Mixers/Blenders & Mucon valves. Since the end of 2018, part of the Schenck Process Group.

To be of better service of our customers on the main-land of Europe we founded Kemutec B.V. in mid-2018. We have supplied for decades, a wide range of process equipment/systems, from lab/pilot testing, up to bulk size production globally and thus can provide all necessary spare parts for these.

To get in direct contact with our Kemutec BV main contact, please see below:
Johan Lucas
VP Kemutec Sales & Business Development
+31 (0) 653 86 77 06


Product news

  • 10 Best Tips for Sourcing Hygienic, Quality Equipment that Processes Powdered Food

    When sourcing food processing equipment, there are a variety of considerations manufacturers / food processors should take into account– and it’s not just down to it being about the right technology.

    The following advice is from Kemutec, a global and trusted brand for Food size reduction screening and sifting technologies.

    To read, go to: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/tips-sourcing-foodprocessing-equipment-lisa-thomas/?trackingId=H5nWbB73cuTyvHMNM5o%2FPw%3D%3D


  • Food Processing & Powder Handling Videos

    Watch on YouTube how Kemutec solutions operate - animations include KEK Sifters, KEK Mills and Gardner Mixers!


  • Simple Ingredient Quality Control with KEK Sifter

    Kemutec KEK Centrifugal Sifters are well-known for aiding the quality control of incoming food material, for processing. This was seen by Manor Bakeries, through their installation of KEK Sifters, for the company’s range of organic cakes.

    Each Sifter was supplied complete with its own KEK sack tip unit and screw elevator, for ease of operation. Manor Bakeries already had KEK Sifters on site and therefore were aware of their benefits. Project Engineer, Dennis Herbert, commented at the time, “the choice of additional KEK Sifters were influenced by operator preference”.

    At Manor, they produce a wide range of cake products including Jam Tarts, Swiss Rolls and Battenberg varieties, marketed under the Mr Kipling, Cadbury’sand Lyons brands.

    The need for the new Sifters arose through the Manor Bakeries move into the organic cake market where strict, guidelines guarantee the source of the ingredients and prevent contamination by non-organic ingredients. Manor decided the easiest way to meet future demand and avoid contamination, was to have storage facilities and production lines dedicated to organic products.

    The Kemutec KEK Sifters, screen incoming flour and other ingredients to remove any hard agglomerates formed during storage.

    They feature the latest cantilevered design, allowing simple cleaning and maximum hygiene levels to be achieved. As Production Supervisor, Mr Tam Cooper confirmed that the KEK, “cantilevered design sifters are much easier and quicker to clean”.

    As part of the quality control process, flour and other ingredients are unloaded into the sack tip cabinet of the elevator, from sacks positioned by a suction lift device. The bags are split over a grill. Product drops into the hopper below and is then screw conveyed into the Sifter.

    Sifted material is then discharged directly into the lidded wheeled tubs within collection booth directly below the Sifter outlet. Any agglomerates etc therefore separated and not processed.


  • Why a Creative Tea Market is Driving Stringent Processing

    The tea industry has seen a significant increase in demand and popularity over recent years, resulting in the diversification of tea blends and the introduction of many more exciting and adventurous flavours.

    There is also another influence in tea consumption, which in turn has affected trade - an increasing recognition on the health benefits of tea, led by worldwide studies. An on-going rise in the production of creative fruit and herbal tea products has certainly helped reinforce this view.

    To read the article in full, go to: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-creative-tea-market-driving-stringent-handling-lisa-thomas/?trackingId=pz4feUxrPIioqyxE2NBXzg%3D%3D


  • What to Consider when Choosing a Flow Control Valve, Advice by Mucon

    Tips from our Mucon experts on what to consider before choosing a Flow Control Valve, as part of a powder processing / material-size reduction system.