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6921 EW Duiven

Always the best coding and labeling solution
De Koningh Coding & Labeling is the largest independent organization in the coding and labeling business. We sell systems to provide products and packaging with product identification on consumer- and distribution packaging as well as industrial coding. Different applications are bar codes, time coding, texts, logos, graphics or for example identification numbers on car parts or cables. In addition, we are also specialized in weigh price labeling and control & inspection equipment.
To ensure that coding printers and labeling machines always perform optimally, these systems need good service and proper maintenance. Our service team of more than 25 professionals is distributed throughout the Netherlands, which means that they always are on the spot quickly. The combination of speed, knowledge and large stock makes our service unique in the Netherlands.

Tailor made advice
With over 50 years of experience and a team of more than 60 people, we are always focused on personal contact and tailor made advice. This way you get the best coding and labeling solution that you can benefit from for years.


Product news

  • New: Matthews Marking Systems | Inkjet printers of world class!

    Inkjet printers designed for the heavy industry
    Products and packaging are always provided with extra information in production. Think of product data, logistics data, barcodes, logos or images. In order to obtain this variable information on every product or packaging, producers use an encoding system or labeling machine. In heavy industrial environments this usually concerns a large character DOD inkjet printer or high resolution inkjet printer. These Matthews systems are specifically developed for heavy industry. This requires indestructible printheads and durable machines that can take a beating. This is precisely in which the Matthews' inkjet printers excel.

    The products:
    - Matthews V-Series: Designed for extremely heavy industrial environments.
    - Matthews L-Series: High-resolution cartridge printer.
    - Matthews T-Series: Sharp prints in high resolution.
    - MPERIA: Universal automation platform


  • Look behind the scenes at our Service Center

    Optimal coding and labeling
    Our goal is of course that every machine can run flawlessly with our customers. For this we have a service team of more than 25 specialists in the Netherlands. They are engaged in installing and maintaining all our coding and labeling solutions. That is sometimes quite a challenge with more than 11,000 installed service objects in the Netherlands, but we are happy to do it.

    Preparation is half the battle
    With so many orders and different technologies, it is important to work in a structured way. When ordering new coding machines from our customers, one of our workshop engineers comes into the picture. "In the Service Center, my colleagues and I ensure that systems only go out when everything is 100% tested before delivery. To guarantee this, we work with fixed procedures, protocols and checklists. My work mainly consists of preparing orders, starting up and testing machines, making custom adjustments and machine repairs. With so many machines in our range, I am doing something different every day and that makes it very varied and fun. ", Says Feiko Terheggen.

    Switch quickly
    We want to have customer orders ready as quickly as possible. Everything is in our project planning and thus all tasks are handled systematically. "Many machines and parts are in stock. That is why orders can be collected and prepared quickly. We also always have complete systems ready in our Service Center to be able to help a customer immediately. "

    Product training and knowledge sharing
    Our suppliers regularly introduce new products. To know all the ins and outs of these machines, our service engineers regularly receive training. "With that knowledge I can support our customers even better. Moreover, we also provide product training to customers in our Service Center."


  • Design and print SSCC labels

    SSCC stands for Serial Shipping Container Code and this optimizes the logistics process. The SSCC label is often combined with an electronic pick list (DESADV) that can be read automatically by the receiver.

    What is the content of an SSCC label?
    The shipping label consists of three parts. First, the shipping data with data from the sender and the receiver. This is followed by more information about the contents of the pallet or container. For example product name, article code, number, batch code or lot number, expiration date and SSCC code. The last element to be followed is the scannable barcodes with always the SSCC barcode at the bottom. Creating your SSCC labels is simple and fast with our professional software packages.

    Benefits of SSCC labeling
    - You know exactly how many goods you have and where they are in your warehouse
    - Your drivers unload faster and have to wait less
    - You can see exactly when and where a product has been delivered
    - You have comprehensive traceability and meet quality requirements and regulations

    Placement of the SSCC label
    The shipping label must be stuck on both the long side and the short side of the pallet or container. There is no rule that prescribes where to place the label. It is common to stick the label on the top right because most forklift drivers are right-handed and scanning is easier.

    Printing the SSCC label
    Various labels are available for good readability of the SSCC label. Depending on your packaging film or shipping method, you can choose from various qualities and finishes. For printing your SSCC labels, we have CAB, Novexx, SATO, Toshiba, Valentin and Zebra desktop printers. In addition, we have a specific solution for pallet labeling with the ALtech ALcode P. This system makes it possible to automatically print labels and apply them to multiple sides of the pallet.


  • 1753/5000 Updated Thermal Transfer printer: Valentin DPM IV

    Even faster and easier to use
    This TTO printer can apply multiple prints over the entire width of the packaging film in one go, regardless of the number of products that are positioned next to each other. This printer is even faster and easier to use.

    Ideal for deep drawing and top sealing machines
    With six different print lengths, the Valentin DPM IV is ideal for placement on deep-drawing and top-sealing machines. This TTO printer can in fact apply multiple prints over the entire width of the packaging film in one go, regardless of the number of products that are positioned next to each other.

    7 inch touchscreen color screen
    The renewed foil printer has an intuitive 7 inch color touch screen and can be operated very easily. Moreover, this updated DPM IV only has one cable connection between the DPM and the controller.

    Faster foil printer
    The print speed of this system is now even faster. The return speed, the return to the home position of the printer, has also increased considerably with this DPM IV. Together with the ribbon saving system, the DPM IV is indispensable in production and packaging systems.

    Advantages of the DPM IV
    - 7 inch color touchscreen
    - Available in various models with a print height of 53, 107 and 128 mm and various print lengths
    - Only one cable connection between the DPM and controller
    - Cable outputs on the top, rear and side
    - Ribbon saving
    - Print speed up to 500 mm / s
    - No unplanned downtime due to continuous insight into available transfer ribbon
    - All common interfaces for fast data exchange
    - Intuitive graphical user interface with icons