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Nederman Nederland bv

Nederman Nederland bv


3815 KL Amersfoort

Nederman, the clean air company!
We protect people, production and our planet from harmful effects of industrial processes.

Clean air is a cornerstone of sustainable production. Our customers want to boost profitability by making their operations as efficient as possible. They want to meet high environmental standards and keep employees safe from fumes and dust. Nederman can help them on all counts. That’s how we create value.

As a leading supplier of environmental technology for over 70 years, Nederman has helped reduce the environmental impact from industrial production and create safe and clean working environments as well as boosting production efficiency. Today we are more focused than ever on progressing our positive contribution to sustainable development.

The Clean Air Company - Vision 2025!
The future of clean air is here

Nederman celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2019. From the very beginning, the business idea was clean air. Today, the environment and sustainability are more relevant than ever and the demands are increasing to contribute actively to more efficient production and reduced emissions in industry. The next generation of solutions for clean industrial airflows is under development and Nederman is at the forefront of this development.

Digital Revolution

The development of digital products and services in the consumer sector in the past 10-year period has resulted in a completely new society for many of us. Banking services, governmental agency
contact and consumer retailing have been digitalized and moved into our mobile devices and have led to increased mobility, trade and productivity.

Industrial production is now undergoing a similar development. In recent years, Nederman has acquired considerable expertise in, among other things, advanced equipment for measuring gases and particles. In parallel with this, we have continually developed our product range and made significant investments in digital transformation so that we are now able to offer our customers a world-leading platform for the future.