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Tasco Label Print Solutions

Tasco Label Print Solutions


9890 Gavere

Tasco Label Print Solution is your partner for speciality printing.
We deliver printing systems, consummables, software and service after sales over Europe and have over 25 years of experience.


Product news

  • Tasco launches OKI Pro 1040/1050 color label printer

    With the OKI Pro 1040/1050, Tasco launches the first colour label printer to print UV- and waterresistant labels on a small scale.

    The first OKI labelprinter is an instant success. OKI did not only make it possible to deliver a quality color label printer at a low investment cost, it also assured the labels to be 100% resistant against water and UV.

    Moreover, by adding a fifth color, it is now possible to finish your transparent labels with a with text or image. Until today, this was only possible with big label presses.

    This solution gives the posibility and thousands of production companies to start printing their own (private) labels. Companies situated in cosmetics, parfums, shampoos and even in chemistry will find themselves very happy by printing their labels on the OKI Pro 1050.

    One can find all details, movies and info on www.tasco.be, but feel free to call us at +32 9 281 08 50 for a personalized product demonstration.