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Powatech B.V.

Powatech B.V.


8263BC Kampen

Powatech b.v. is a company in bulk equipment. When you need the best solution for storage, transport, dosing and processing of your powders and liquids contact us. We are not only good at supplying your machines and installations, but we are also familiar with service and maintenance.

We can supply the design and delivery of bulk equipment. Moreover, Powatech can advise you on investment processes for new and existing equipment. We are not alone in this, Powatech has an extensive network of companies that guarantee quality equipment.

In addition to its own products, Powatech represents a number of renowned manufacturers of high-quality components, these are:
• Farleygreene (screening equipment)
• Three-Tec (dosing equipment)
• Wysetech (aeromechanical conveyors)
• Ytron (dissolving equipment)

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