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EurasiaBelts International Trading GmbH

EurasiaBelts International Trading GmbH


50226 Frechen

EurasiaBelts International Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with its location in Frechen, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Despite its young history, the founder has almost 20 years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and distributing the materials and tools as well as offering on-site service for conveyor belt maintenance in China. We provide quality products and efficient solutions for Germany, Europe and other countries all over the world.

We provide high cost–performance solutions which enhances the efficiency, productivity and safety of the conveyor system within various fields, such as construction machinery, coal mines, coal preparation plants, steel mills, concrete plants, chemical plants, thermal power stations, ports, terminals, logistics centers and any other fields with requirements of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction.

Our main products include: conveyor belt repair products , metal-surface coating products (rubber/ceramic/polyurethane lagging sheets, tile rubber lagging sheets), skirt boards, scrapers, impact bars, various ceramic wear-resistant liners, polyurethane products, adhesives, rubber products and working tool sets, etc.