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Peppink Mills B.V.

Peppink Mills B.V.


8121AP Olst

Peppink is the specialist in beater cross mills. Great advantage of this mill compared to other type of mills is that the temperature does not rise during the grinding proces. Fineness of the milled product can be regulated bij mill speed and by changing the mesh size of the sieve.
Peppink mills grind products for customers in the food and non-food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Depending on product and process fineness down to 50 microns can be achieved.
Peppink mills are developed and produced by Machinefabriek G.R. Veerman B.V. in Olst, The Netherlands. Veerman is ISO 9001 certified by Lloyds. Peppink mills are easy to clean and service and are also known for their durability and reliability. Peppink Mills bv and Machinefabriek G.R. Veerman bv are part of Veerman Olst bv.