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Airtechnic Solutions bv

Airtechnic Solutions bv


5751 CB Deurne

Design, engineering and supply of airtechnical systems and components for industrial applications.
Dust extraction and flue gas cleaning;
Process air treatment;
Powder handling.

Cyclones & Filters
Fans and blowers

MIX s.r.l. - mixers and components for solids handling
Continental Industrie - multi-stage centrifugal blowers and exhausters


Product news

  • MIX S.r.l. upgrades test facility

    MIX Srl, Cavezzo, Italy, recently upgraded its in-house test plant with brand new equipment and is now able to implement trials requiring more stringent parameters, including:

    - temperatures up to +200°C
    - pressures up to 5 bar or vacuum.

    Powders, granules, fibres and pastes can be tested in the new laboratory, also in classified hazardous atmospheres (ATEX). Handling of chemical reactions, measurement of moisture content of the products and the increase or decrease of pressure and temperature in the mixer is now fully automated. The test plant allows for control of all parameters, during every step of the process. As is customary, MIX guarantees the confidentiality of the processed information and that the results obtained during trials in the test facility are scalable and repeatable with full-scale industrial mixers. Thanks to the new laboratory it is now much easier to determine the characteristics of each raw material and, therefore, to identify the most suitable mixing techniques for obtaining the desired final result. MIX S.r.l. is represented in The Netherlands by Airtechnic Solutions.