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Dahlman Filter Services B.V.


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Based on an old familiy business founded in 1886, Dahlman has grown to be a major supplier of tailor made solutions to the Oil,Gas & (Petro)Chemical, Power and Renewable Energy markets. In 2011 Dahlman honorably received the "Royal" designation from former Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands. The company has not forgotten its roots and how it reached its current position. At Royal Dahlman transparent business values are combined with high tech solutions which are realized in modern engineering and production facilities.

An important aspect of the company's business is the dedication in selecting the best technology for our customers. This gives Royal Dahlman an unique edge in the market place since we are not tied to using any particular system or method.

Royal Dahlmans commitment to finding solutions for you does not stop when the system is delivered. A dedicated team is available for you, who can provide you with essential filter consumables, at most attractive price levels. Once again our independence plays a key role in the selection of the spare parts that we hold in stock. Royal Dahlman can supply almost any type and brand of filters via our large warehouse facilities in Elsloo in the south of Holland. As a long established company our aim is to build-up long term relationships with our clients, based on trust and our reputation for delivering quality and value for money.


Product news

  • MILENA Gasifier under Construction

    Construction of first commercial Royal Dahlman MILENA Gasifier in final stage.

    During the last year Royal Dahlman has designed the MILENA indirect gasifier with a capacity of 4 MWth. In combination with the OLGA tar removal system, a clean product gas is produced which will be utilized in an 1 MWe gas engine.

    This project is in co-operation with the Indian firm Thermax, which is responsible for the construction of the plant. The plant is built in a region with a number of soya plantation fields of Ruchi Soya Industries. The company will convert the waste of the soya harvest into energy, which in turn, will be used to process soya beans.

    Construction of the plant started a few months ago and the completion is scheduled for January 2015, plant start-up is scheduled to be in the first quarter of 2015.


  • Dahlman Filter Services is relocated

    On Thursday the 15th of December 2016 Dahlman Filter Services in Elsloo will be moving to larger business premises. We will still be located on the same street but from that date onwards we will be located a few doors down.

    The new building offers us more possibilities for the future. If you happen to be in the area please feel free to drop by and take a look around, we look forward to seeing you!

    You can find us at the following address from the 15th of December 2016 ;

    Dahlman Filter Services B.V.

    Business Park Stein 139

    6181 MA Elsloo (LB)

  • Flexible Filter Maintenance Approach

    More and more Royal Dahlman customers are, in addition to using Dahlman filter elements and equipment, considering the option of having their filter maintenance performed regularly by Dahlman. In practise this varies from carrying out work at the customers workplace to providing a complete cleansing service. The assembly of various filters at our facilities in Elsloo, The Netherlands is also amongst one of the possibilities.

    Preferably these maintenance operations are scheduled in advance in order to keep the processing time, and therefore the downtime in which a filter is not in use, as short as possible. However, scheduled replacement is not always possible and unforeseen circumstances may arise. Royal Dahlman knows as no other how important a quick response is at the moment when a critical filter can no longer be kept in operation, for example through a fault. The Royal Dahlman Filter Services team has recently been able to demonstrate the importance of flexibility yet again. Through the rapid response and clever organisation by Royal Dahlman, five packages of 57 filter plates each, were tightened with a new filter cloth at very short notice which enabled the relevant chemical plant to restart within a time scale of only one week, therefore significantly reducing downtime of the related process.


  • Success in Optimised Dust Collectors

    Royal Dahlman has successfully delivered three new dust collectors to a valued customer producing plastics. In January 2014 the situation was carefully reviewed on the spot at the facilities by the team of Dahlman Filter Services and several dust sources were identified in the plant which needed to be addressed.An offer was sent to the customer for three new collectors which were ordered in consultation with Royal Dahlman. In May this year the equipment was assembled in the Royal Dahlman facilities of Elsloo, The Netherlands and transported to the customer, who in turn successfully installed them at the factory.

    After several weeks of operation it was proven that the dust collectors are doing their job and hardly any dust particles are being released into the plant.This makes it a much more comfortable and safe working environment for employees, in a cleaner and therefore healthier environment.


  • Royal Dahlman Demonstration Plant

    Royal Dahlman is pleased to announce the recent start-up of a new operation to demonstrate the clean gasification of waste material for use in efficient power production or fuels. Located in Tondela, Portugal, the plant is running on Refuse Derived Fuel (“RDF”), i.e., Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) that has been processed to remove recyclables and inert material. It features a conventional circulating fluid bed gasifier coupled with the proprietary OLGA tar removal technology. The resulting, ultra-clean synthesis gas (“syngas”) is used to generate power in a 1 MWe Caterpillar reciprocating engine. The plant was originally built by Iberfer, to produce clean power from the gasification of chicken litter, another very challenging and dirty form of biomass, and it ran over long periods with this fuel.


    Over the last few years Royal Dahlman has been developing the innovative MILENA gasification technology and OLGA tar removal technology in close cooperation with its partner the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN). Currently Royal Dahlman is increasingly active as a total plant integrator to realize Waste to Energy (WtE) facilities based on gasification technology. To demonstrate the latest developments of WtE production based on gasification, including tar removal with the proven OLGA technology, Royal Dahlman together with the Portuguese plant owners are modifying an existing chicken manure gasification system to operate the facility for WtE production.

    Gasification: smart way to process urban waste

    With its substantial investments in the Portuguese site, Royal Dahlman is making its leap forward in the world of WtE. The combined MILENA (gasifier) and OLGA (tar removal) technology offers the highest efficiency in the market in producing syngas. This gas is of high quality and can be used as a source for carbon based chemical productions, production of Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) and as the fuel for gas turbines, generating electricity. Royal Dahlman’s gasification solution is relatively easy to implement in plants that can process the non-recyclable carbon containing waste materials. It thus contributes to a significant decrease of this waste dumped in landfills. The positive effects are very substantial: sharp decrease in methane output from the landfills, less space occupied by these landfills, less transport of waste to incineration plants, cleaner production compared to incineration, local production, local job creation. The Royal Dahlman solution is very suitable for countries and regions where landfilling is common practice and without a strong incineration infrastructure. There are interesting markets in Europe; the UK, Italy and some Southern and Eastern-European countries. And the world market is even more attractive to license out the WtE solutions of Royal Dahlman.

    The gasification plant in Tondela (Portugal)

    Tondela, Portugal, is located inland and roughly mid-way between Porto (1½ hour drive by car) and Lisbon (2½ hour drive by car). The site was operated since 2009 by the Portuguese company Iberfer to demonstrate the gasification of chicken manure (4 MWth) and run a 1 MWe Caterpillar gas engine. To condition the gas before utilization in the reciprocating engine, Iberfer selected the patented OLGA technology to remove the tars. Analysis campaigns by a third party, showed tar removal efficiencies of over 99,9%, with final phenol and naphthalene concentrations below the analytical detection limits. Royal Dahlman developed and financed a modification, test and demonstration program to develop and demonstrate Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) as fuel for gasification. For this purpose the plant is re-engineered, modified and upgraded in the first half of 2014.

    This summer RDF gasification was started-up in a conventional CFB gasifier and was successfully proven during a duration test on RDF as sole feedstock. Currently the plant will be prepared for the RDF gasification tests in combination with the proven OLGA tar removal technology, which are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2014. Planned to be followed by the demonstration of the innovative MILENA gasification technology in 2015, which will increase the overall efficiency with 10 %.

    Royal Dahlman has developed the design for complete WtE plants with a size of 7-50 MWe. A 20 MWeplant processes the non-recyclables of 150.000 households and produces energy for 50.000 households. And, as the gasification is a very clean production process with no emissions or residues, the plants can be planned easily in or near populated areas.

  • Catalyst Filter for Turkmenistan

    Royal Dahlman’s Catalyst Filtration Technology has been selected by one of the main Korean contractors for a new polyethylene plant being built in Turkmenistan. The new petrochemical complex uses natural gas sourced from the shelf of the Caspian Sea and is scheduled to be completed in 2018. Turkmenistan holds world’s fourth-largest natural gas reserves and is significantly increasing her gas production in order to expand export opportunities for the country. With the selection of this Catalyst Filter contractors undersign the capabilities of Royal Dahlman to design and deliver critical filtration components for Oil & Gas projects worldwide.


  • Source Water Media Filter for Algeria

    Renowned for our Multimedia / Sand Filter Technology, another Source Water Media Filter Package will be delivered in 2015 by Royal Dahlman to Algeria, in order to remove suspended solids from Barremian source water. The filtered and deaerated water will be commingled with treated produced water and reinjected into the oil reservoir. The filtration package will be a part of the CAFC Oil Project, including a new central oil processing unit and additional facilities which can manage 32,000 barrels per day in the Berkine region, in the southeast of Algeria.


  • Reduced Emission Record FCC Filter

    Set a new standard: FCC cat fines emissions < 1 mg/Nm3!

    Royal Dahlman’s FCC Flue Gas Full Flow Barrier Filter technology has recently been installed, and successfully taken into operation, at a main Bulgarian refinery. This innovative and highly- efficient dust collector system replaces a malfunctioning Electrostatic Precipitator as part of the ambitious modernisation project that started some years back. Where conventional systems (wet scrubbers or ESP’s) reduce cat emissions to an average level of 20 – 40 mg/Nm3, first measurements show that Royal Dahlman’s Dust Collector is minimizing the PM stack emission even further to below 1 mg/Nm3!

    Not only groundbreaking technology, but also a highly economic and reliable solution to face the current and future environmental and governmental emission regulations.


  • ASME U-Stamp for Royal Dahlman

    Recently Royal Dahlman was authorised by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to manufacture its pressure vessels in accordance with the applicable rules of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

    The U-stamp certificate is an important criteria for many process licensors, engineering firms, contractors and end-users the U-stamp certificate in the selection procedure for reputable vendors.

    This certification indicates once more that Royal Dahlman is up to standards with its design and manufacturing procedures to serve the Industry.