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The bulk truck loader of Van Beek B.V. is deployed as the most effective way to load a truck with bulk goods. The Dino® can be used for goods stored in BigBags and even goods that are loaded with a shovel aren't a problem.


Product news

  • Dino bulk truck loader helps with sugar shortage in Europe

    Due to high world market prices a sugar shortage has occurred on the European market. Many sugar processing companies are therefore importing sweetener from outside Europe. The imported sugar is supplied in big bags and then transferred into silo wagons. Sugar processors are remarkably often discovering the Van Beek Dino Bulk truck loader for this application. In a short time Van Beek has supplied six Dinos to five different end users in the sugar industry.

    Sugar shortage in Europe
    Dino bulk truck loader helps with sugar shortage in Europe The European continent consumes 16.5 million tons of sugar a year, some 10% of world consumption. European farmers are able to produce 13 million tons of this in the form of beet sugar. The remaining 3.5 million tons may be imported. The fifty least developed countries get a discount for this. They are able to sell at European prices without the import levy that applies for wealthier countries.

    "I was not really aware of a sugar shortage in Europe until I started receiving remarkably frequent requests for Dino Bulk truck loaders for sugar and I came into contact with these sugar processors. The Dino is indeed extremely suitable for loading sugar safely and quickly. Repacking big bags and loose bagged goods into silo wagons is a profitable business. If for example you already load one or two trucks a week, it is worth using a Dino. Also you are not bound to one factory or warehouse, since the Dino is mobile and fits into a sea container or onto a normal truck. You can then use the Dino anywhere in the world ." says Roel Kneepkens, Sales Engineer at Van Beek.

    Dino bulk truck loader silverline The sugar price on the world market has more than doubled in recent years. The enormous price rises are the result of a worldwide sugar shortage that has already lasted for three years. Reasons given for the shortage in Europe are the disappointing harvests due to bad weather in Asia and South America, the beet quota imposed on European farmers, the rising demand in Asia for Western products using sugar and reduced exports by sugar beet producers in Latin America because they can sell their production on the local market.

    Dino bulk truck loader
    One of Van Beek’s strengths is designing unique machines and installations to customer specification. This also applies for the Dino bulk truck loader of which over 400 have already been sold worldwide for different applications. Dino bulk truck loaders for sugar processing companies are also customised but do have the following in common.

    Big Bags with sugar waiting for Dino bulk truck loader The basic capacity is 40 m³ per hour (or 80 m³ per hour). The sugar to be loaded is therefore conveyed into the silo wagon, filtered and inspected at the same time (optional). The inlet bin can be equipped with a screen to monitor the quality of the sugar, which screens out lumps and other materials at the very start. If required the outlet can incorporate a magnet and a sampler. The magnet filters any steel parts out of the sugar. The quality of the sugar batch can be measured with the sampler both manually and automatically.

    An industrial dust extractor keeps the system at negative pressure, making dust-free loading possible. This Dino is also equipped with a loading bellows so no dust is released. Dinos fully comply with EC standards and Health and Safety legislation such as ARBO, ARAB and TUV. But the sugar Dinos also comply with the stringent directives of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    The design is always hygienic, with all the stainless steel parts being glass-pearl blasted and the screw is easy to clean. In addition the ease of cleaning has the advantage that a quick product change is also possible when loading, for example when supplying different types of sugars.

    More information on the Dino bulk truck loader can be found on www.dino.nl


  • Customised feed screw convinces milk powder manufacturer

    Van Beek helps Premier Tech Chronos to solve technical issue.

    It is not usually difficult to adjust the feed for a vertical dosing screw. Because of the very limited space a big milk powder manufacturer in Switzerland did however need a little of the expertise that only Van Beek Schroeftransport can provide. "Van Beek was really helpful in thinking through practical solutions with us", says Jeroen van der Velden of Premier Tech Chronos.

    Premier Tech Chronos is a well-known company that installs process lines for packaging (milk) powders all over the world. In the past 15 years the company has already purchased over a hundred Van Beek screw conveyors. The project in Switzerland was an exceptional situation because the process line was installed in existing premises with very limited space.

    Little space
    A feed screw had to fill a vertical dosing screw. Because of the limited space Van Beek was not able to install the feed screw horizontally, so the feed had to be carried out at an angle. "It also had to be possible to clean the screw, but there was no space for cleaning hatches", says Van der Velden."

    Customised solution
    Van Beek therefore proposed a screw that slides right out. "With horizontal transport we fit the screw on rails and you can slide it out by hand", says Verhoeven. "But if the screw is upright it would fall out as soon as the operator unfastens the screw. That would be around two hundred kilos coming down. So to ensure that one person can remove the screw safely, we suggested a hand winch ", says Verhoeven.

    Easy to clean
    It is very important for this screw to be easy to clean because the process line processes different products. "For example you don’t want cheese powder in your milk powder ", Verhoeven explains.

    Promising set-up
    Van Beek also suggested an adjustment to the dosing screw so that it would connect properly to the feed screw. "Van Beek’s first set-up looked very promising and we got to work on this ", says Van der Velden.

    From A to B, and so on
    "We communicated with Van Beek and the customer with 3D drawings to achieve the best result for the customer ", says Van der Velden. Ultimately the client discussed Premier Tech Chronos’s offer. "Van Beek also provided a good customised solution this time too. It is one thing to convey something from A to B, but Van Beek also helped us think through how best to connect its screw conveyor to B."


  • Inclined elevation of sludge concentrate child’s play for screw conveyor

    Van Beek rose to Prochamp’s challenge because of good previous experience

    For its new wastewater treatment plant, mushroom processor Prochamp was looking for a way of conveying sludge concentrate to a container at an angle of 40 degrees. Their regular screw conveyor supplier was not able to guarantee that a screw conveyor could do this. Van Beek Schroeftransport took up this challenge with both hands. "We do in fact have a lot of experience with similar situations in previous projects ", explains sales engineer Peter Verhoeven from Van Beek.

    "It was our first project with Van Beek", says Gerard Verhoeven, project manager at Prochamp. But Van Beek was an old acquaintance of his. Gerard had in fact done at internship with Van Beek in the past. "I therefore knew very well what I could expect and it therefore came as no surprise that our cooperation was excellent. The screws are now in operation and our problem has been solved. It all looks good and is working as we expected."

    About Prochamp
    All over the world retailers, caterers and the food industry use Prochamp canned mushrooms. The company has the whole production chain in house, from the preparation of compost to mushroom growing and marketing canned mushrooms. This is all done in and around Velddriel.

    Expansion of Prochamp due to growing demand
    Because of the rising demand Prochamp decided to extend the plant and to build a new wastewater treatment plant. When treating this wastewater a lot of sludge is produced. A decanter centrifuge splits the sludge into sludge concentrate and waste water, after which the sludge concentrate ends up in a container.

    Thinking about the design together
    "The building that now houses the treatment plant has little space for transport from the decanter to the container. We were involved in thinking about the concept and design ", says Peter Verhoeven.

    A working group from different companies looked at how they could best solve this. "Another screw constructor dropped out because the screw would have to elevate the sludge concentrate at an angle. That company could not guarantee this would work, but our experience led me to believe this was possible ", says Peter Verhoeven.

    Experience shows us that it can be done
    "Such cases always involve a customised solution ", explains Peter Verhoeven. "Because of experience in the past you know what is or is not possible. I then look back to previous similar projects and check whether we had problems here. It is also important that you ask the end user the right questions, so you are not faced with any surprises. Sometimes we conclude that we cannot in fact help, but that was certainly not the case here."

    The improved process
    A system set-up with three screw conveyors now carries the sludge concentrate to the container. A horizontal screw collects the sludge concentrate and carries it to an inclined screw conveyor that conveys it upwards. The concentrate disappears into the container via a horizontal screw downstream. Finally trucks take away the containers of sludge concentrate.


  • Van Beek dosing screw fills everything perfectly

    Extra options mean the screw can be used in any situation

    For filling packagings, bottles, bags or tubs during the process the Van Beek dosing screw has for decades been a favourite option with manufacturers in the chemical and food industry. Based on the experience acquired in hundreds of factories Van Beek has developed a standard model. This model can be used in virtually any situation thanks to the options that can easily be installed.

    Volumetric or gravimetric dosing
    For volumetric weighing the number of revolutions determines the dosing. There are different options for determining how many revolutions the screw must make. Van Beek measures how much product comes out of the screw per revolution and then it is clear how many revolutions are needed to achieve the required quantity. We then adjust the screw for this.

    For products with good running qualities this is often accurate enough, but for example in the case of sticky products such as flour gravimetric weighing is preferable. A weighing belt then measures the weight of the packaging while the dosing screw fills it up. The weighing belt sends a signal to the screw as soon as the required weight is reached.

    Instead of the weight of the packaging the weight of the dosing installation can also be weighed (Loss in Weight, LIW). The loss in weight of the installation then determines the dosing.

    Also suitable for products with poor running qualities
    A useful extension for products with poor running qualities is a stirrer. This has its own drive operating at a fixed speed. For example the screw is filled to the optimum which is certainly important in volumetric applications. The dosing accuracy is then maintained and reproducible.

    Refill valve also an option
    Another possible option is a pneumatically operated refill valve. This shuts off the screw outlet as soon as the required weight is reached.

    Very fast and yet accurate
    Van Beek also has a solution for very fast and yet accurate filling of large packagings: the double dosing screw. A large screw brings the weight for example to 19.5 kilo and then stops. A smaller screw continues running and fills it to the required weight of for example 20 kilos.

    Can be used anywhere
    A dosing screw can offer a solution for every conceivable process where a controlled feed is necessary. Van Beek dosing screws are used for example in wastewater treatment plants to add flocculant, in the food industry to add salt, sugar or herbs and in brick factories to add colourant for bricks.

    SpeedClean, SS and ATEX all possible
    Screw dosing systems can be made of steel or SS304, SS316 and there is also an ATEX version. Van Beek can also make the screw removable for very fast cleaning, inspection or replacement with a different screw with which the dosing range can be widely adjusted with the same machine.

    As a kitchen aid
    Van Beek has a number of standard models for common situations. Many adjustments can be made to these models, such as the screw they contain. Many things can also be added such as the refill valve, a bigger buffer hopper and a stirrer. Our sales engineer Peter Verhoeven likes to describe the screw as a big kitchen aid with which you can do all sorts of things. He would be pleased to talk to you if you have any questions about the use of a dosing screw in your process.