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Stanelle Silos + Automation GmbH

Stanelle Silos + Automation GmbH


74363 Güglingen

STANELLE Silos + Automation GmbH is your reliable partner with innovative silo products, services and solutions

STANELLE is the German brand for tailored problem services and solutions in silo technology and silo automation. With more than 40 years of experience we are the reliable and trusted partner you are looking for. As a powerhouse for innovations, STANELLE always delivers cutting edge technology for its clients. Optimize your productivity, cut costs and protect the environment with STANELLE top-quality products made in Germany.

Through practice-oriented services and solutions, STANELLE ensures a smooth and optimized material flow within your business. Competent experts support our clients in every phase of a project and guarantee a first class delivery. At STANELLE we have a simple taste: We are always satisfied with the best to exceed your expectations!

Stanelle´s core competencies:

• Production and sales of innovative silo components (e.g. FlowBow)
• Optimization of bulk material flow for your entire silo system to cut costs
• Cutting edge production technology to ensure highest levels of quality
• Silo components, silo maintenance, Big Bag Station
• Loading spouts for loading of silo trucks, open vehicles, open and enclosed railroad cars, ships, stockpiles, bags
• Gravel loaders, positioners, docking devices, RONDO, QUADRO
• De-dusting filters Silo top STAFI / PNEUFIX, loader filters BELFI, mixer filters MIXFI, conveyer and loader filter ULUFI, cartridges
• Discharge aids, patented vibrating cage ASK, air loosening systems
• Slide gates, butterfly valves, squeeze valves, pinch valves
• Overfill protection, Min-max level sensors, Overpressure vacuum valves SDAK
• Wear resistant elbow, FlowBow; filling pipes; bellows, Connex pipe connections, clamps and brackets etc.

FlowBow - our oldest patent
The Stanelle FLOW-BOW elbow is designed as a low wear deflector of dry, non-clotting bulk goods when conveyed as a dense stream. It has a wide range of applications including powdery, splintery, and highly abrasive bulk goods like e.g. quartz sand, shotcrete, and basalt chips; even cocoa husks and slaughterhouse waste. Stainless steel (1.4408) designs are available for applications on the plastics and foodstuffs sectors.


Product news


    The SAD 300/65 will be used for discharging of very hard flowing bulk products out of
    silos or bunkers.
    The SAD is very suitable for handling of quick lime, activated carbon, gypsum etc.
    The installation in existing applications is possible without problems.

    The vertical agitator is driven by a gear motor separately. It breaks up the product and
    loosen the product in the outlet area. A steady and smooth discharge will be ensured out
    of a silo or bunker .
    The horiozontal discharge and dosing screw is designed with a progessive pitch. It allows
    a controlled discharge with constant volume flows
    The screw is driven by a gear motor which is designed for operation at a frequency
    converter. A variable operation is possible to realise volume flows 15 up to 75 Liter/h.


  • CEMENT SILOS - Factory Welded

    The aggregate and cement silo in proven STANELLE quality made of steel sheet for
    the storage of cement and other dry bulk materials with a maximum bulk density of
    1400 kg/m³.
    As far as transport permits, the silos are manufactured in one piece and welded tightly.
    Equipped with loading and transport eyes, inspection opening NW 500, as well as
    welding frame or welding opening for a Stanelle type SDAK 150 overpressure/vacuum
    flap in the silo roof and on the silo cylinder a filling line DN100, up to height outlet flange,
    hot-dip galvanised, with fixed coupling type A and a STANELLE filling bend type
    FLOW BOW®.
    The basic equipment includes a crushing cone inside the cone and a water-repellent ring
    outside the cone.
    The substructure consists of 4 tubular steel supports, with all necessary bandages,
    Head and base plates as well as anchor screws. The height of outlet flange is approx.
    1.500mm above foundation. Anchor bars must be provided and concreted in by the
    customer. All screws are hot-dip galvanized, anchor screws black.
    Standard types with different diameters and volumes are available. In addition, we also
    offer other diameters and silo sizes according to customer requirements. The standard
    cone angle is 53°. For difficult to discharge media, steeper cone inclinations must be used
    and the discharge of the bulk material must be supported by special discharge aids, e.g.
    Stanelle LUALO air looseners or ASK1xxx discharge vibrating basket. As accessories we
    offer various prescribed and necessary accessories such as filling pipes, fixed ladders,
    roof edge railings, overpressure dampers, filters, level probes and discharge aids.
    The corrosion protection on the outside of the standard types consists of rust removal
    by blasting, degree of rust removal SA 1 and a 2-component universal primer.
    Optionally, we also supply rust removal up to SA 2.5 and exterior paintwork with
    2-component top coat in various RAL colours as well as interior paintwork and special