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For over 80 years Russell Finex have manufactured and supplied filters, sieves and separators to improve product quality, enhance productivity, safeguard worker health, and ensure liquids and powders are contamination-free. Throughout the world, Russell Finex serve a variety of industries with applications including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, plastisols, paint, coatings, metal powders and ceramics.


Product news

  • Russell Compact Sieve

    Global screeners and filtration specialists Russell Finex launch new and extended range of Russell Compact Sieves, a high-performance low profile vibratory screener for safety screening liquids and powders.

    First invented over two decades ago, the Russell Compact Sieve® has been installed within a wide range of industries all over the world. Renowned for its compact and easy-clean design, this unit has evolved to become the most successful vibratory check screener throughout the world and with its most recent refinements makes it the most versatile screener on the market.

    Mounted on a unique rubber suspension system, the Russell Compact Sieve offers considerable benefits over conventional spring mounted systems. As well as quieter operation (typically less than 70dBA), the screener is able to transmit significantly more vibration to the mesh screen surface. Combining this with its straight-through design allows for much higher flow rates and improved product separation. In some cases a 22” unit can handle flow rates similar to a traditional 48” spring mounted unit.

    In all manufacturing processes, minimising downtime and maximising productivity is key to achieving optimum profitability. This is why the Russell Compact sieve has been specifically designed to enable rapid assembly and disassembly without the need for tools. This is achieved by minimising the number of product contact parts and by incorporating quick release toggle clamps instead of conventional band-clamp systems. This means one operator can dismantle the screener, replace a mesh screen and reassembly within a matter of minutes.

    Bill Minton, maintenance manager at Deloro Stellite's coatings operations in Goshen, Indiana states "We cut downtime from product changeover in third and enhanced product quality by switching to the Russell Finex Compact Sieves," he continues "By expediting cleaning, preventing cross contamination and aiding product quality, we achieved ROI on the Compact Sieves in a few months."

    The Russell Compact Sieve is now available in 5 different sizes, ranging from a 10” lab unit up to a 60” production scale unit. Therefore, whether you are processing small batches, running a pilot or full scale production plant, you can be sure that the right screener can be selected to match your production requirements.

    Another enhancement is that all sizes are now also available in fully stainless steel. This provides increased durability within corrosive environments as well as providing the option for brush or mirror polished finishes for food and pharmaceutical applications.

    For over 75 years Russell Finex have manufactured and supplied filters, screeners and separators to improve product quality, enhance productivity, safeguard worker health, and ensure liquids and powders are contamination-free. Throughout the world, Russell Finex serve a variety of industries with applications including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, plastisols, paint, coatings, metal powders and ceramics.


  • Russell Hygiene Filter

    The Russell Hygiene Filter™ is a specifically designed self-cleaning liquid filter to meet the demands of the food and pharmaceutical industries, where product quality cannot be compromised. Utilising the latest manufacturing techniques and applying key industry standards makes it the highest specification filter on the market.

    This filter has been designed in accordance with the hygienic machinery standard BS EN ISO 14159:2008 and food contact regulation EU1935/2004 to provide a high-clean, fully crevice free filter for uncompromised cleaning between batches. Every component has been carefully designed to eliminate all crevices and bug traps to allow for sanitary standard cleaning. In addition, all product contact parts are polished to less than 0.6Ra as standard (0.1Ra is available if required) providing a superior finish.

    The Russell Hygiene Filter™ requires no tools for cleaning or maintenance and dismantles completely enabling one operator to disassemble the filter quickly. This increases productivity of your operators and your production process. The filter is also fully enclosed preventing airborne contamination and safeguarding the health and safety of your operators.

    In addition to its sanitary design, the Russell Hygiene FilterЀ also incorporates the unique self-cleaning design of the Russell Eco Filter®. This enables continuous removal of oversize contamination as fine as 10 micron, achieved by continuously cleaning the apertures of the filter element. As a result this saves you money by successfully removing oversize product and ensuring minimal loss of good product. Also, unlike traditional bag or cartridge filters it uses a reusable, reduced crevice filter element which eliminates the cost and environmental implications associated with replacement filter media.


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  • Russell Finex showcase a variety of their high quality separation equipment

    Visit Russell Finex at Stand B119, Hall 5

    At Solids Rotterdam 2015 Russell Finex will showcase a variety of their high quality check-screeners including the Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™and the Finex Separator™. Each of these machines have their own features making them suitable for specific screening applications.

    The Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ is a vibratory sifter with a low height, enabling it to be easily installed in (existing) production lines where headroom is limited. This vibratory screener is known for its high product containment and can offer an OEL 5 containment (less than 1µg/m³).

    This is the first vibratory sifter which does not use traditional clamping methods such as quick release clamps. Instead it incorporates a patented TLI (Twist, Lock and Inflate) pneumatic clamping system. The TLI-clamping system works by placing and locating the sieve deck’s components into the base and locking them by twisting. Once the sieve deck has been locked, the seal is inflated, ensuring a dust tight seal. Due to the high product containment provided, the Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ is suited to screen harmful powders and granules to prevent product contact and protect the health of employees. At Solids, Russell Finex will showcase a 900mm Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™, which is a new model size recently added to the range. Watch this animation and discover how this machine works.

    The Finex Separator™ is a vibratory separator which will be displayed on the stand in operation with the Russell Gated Outlet™. The Finex Separator™ is the ideal multi-deck grading sieve to grade wet and dry products in up to five fractions. This machine is known for its high accuracy and high capacity. The Russell Gated Outlet™ is an innovative solution to control product flow and oversize discharge ideal for products with little oversize or when discharge happens too fast, resulting in wastage of good product. A pneumatically controlled gate is integrated in the outlet of the sieve deck to prevent the product from leaving the mesh for discharge too early.

    Visit Russell Finex at Solids Rotterdam in Hall 5, Stand B119 and discover more about these machines and other products ranges. On the stand expertise and know-how of Russell Finex engineers will be at your disposal to help you with your screening application or separation requirements.


  • Russell Finex elaborate on UK manufacturing in detail with Parliamentary Review

    Global sieves and filters manufacturer published in 2015 Parliamentary Review as company demonstrates best practice in manufacturing sector

    Russell Finex has been selected to represent the manufacturing industry in this year’s Parliamentary Review. The publication, seen as a template of best practice across twelve key sectors, reaches over 60,000 of the UK’s leading Chief Executives, Ministers and journalists.

    Contributions come from some of the most high profile names in politics. Minister for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise Anna Soubry introduces the Manufacturing Edition, whilst Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne gives an overview of the country’s financial state.

    As part of her foreword, Anna Soubry is keen to highlight the importance of the manufacturing industry. She says that “Outperforming much of the rest of the economy, manufacturing productivity has increased by 3.8% since the first quarter of 2008.” George Osborne also points out that “Improving productivity is the key route to making the UK stronger.”

    Historically, the manufacturing sector has always been an anchor for UK growth, and looks set to continue. Indicating the importance of businesses such as Russell Finex, Anna Soubry states “we will continue to speak to and work closely with industry. The best way that the government can support advanced manufacturing is by creating the right business environment for free enterprise.” On many occasions, Russell Finex has led the way with ‘free enterprise’, introducing inventions and filing patents, and are often consulted when new industry standards are introduced, to assist with best practice.

    Russell Finex, global leaders in the manufacture of high-quality sieving and filtration equipment, has enjoyed 80 years of steady growth, to become an international leader in the market. The Parliamentary Review highlights key factors in the success of Russell Finex, an example of how manufacturers, as well as businesses in other sectors, can structure sustainable growth.

    Its unique ownership structure, the employee benefit trust, is seen as playing a significant role in allowing a stable working environment, and the making of longer-term business decisions rather than short-term gains. A non-contributory final salary pension scheme is also seen as evidence of stability.

    This secure platform has allowed the company to grow, even during hard economic times. Since the recession in 2008, Russell’s business levels have been relatively unaffected. In fact, one of the biggest challenges faced has been success itself, with production demands increasing more than predicted. This has led to the implementation of methods such as lean manufacturing, allowing the business to manage growth spurts with minimal impact. Advancements such as this illustrate why Russell Finex are seen as implementers of best practice.

    Business values of organic growth and premium products are embedded throughout Russell Finex. This has meant the ability to maintain a strong global customer base, as the business has expanded. Customers are involved in new product development, and significant investment is made in R&D programmes, ensuring a status as market leaders is upheld.

    To find out more about why Russell Finex was selected as an example of best practice for the manufacturing industry, read the Parliamentary Review Manufacturing Edition. Russell Finex can be found on page 29.


  • Check-screening powder coating at Profel

    Russell Compact Sieve installed in a powder coating line at Profel Extrusion & Finishing reduces waste and maximizes productivity

    Profel Extrusion & Finishing specializes in the extrusion of aluminium and processes around 14,000 tons of aluminium per year, 20% of which is used for the production of its windows and doors, while the other 80% is sold to customers in Europe mainly within the construction industry. To ensure only high quality frame products are supplied, the powder paint is screened before it is applied to eliminate any irregularities in the aluminium profiles.

    Vibratory sieve installed in powder paint lineThe company was initially using small vibratory sieves but these could not meet capacity requirements as well as the screening accuracy needed. The company therefore approached Russell Finex for a solution to their processing problems, and following consultations, a Russell Compact Sieve® fitted with a Vibrasonic® Deblinding System was provided promptly for testing at the customer’s site, to ensure the high quality standards could be met. After successful trials, Profel Extrusion & Finishing purchased four Russell Compact Sieves each fitted with a Vibrasonic® Deblinding System.

    The Russell Compact Sieve® is a vibratory sieve which due to its compact design can easily be installed into existing production lines. Two of the four purchased sieves were installed at the end of the powder paint manufacturing line while the other two were installed within the powder coating line to sieve reclaimed powder paint. With the Russell Compact Sieves installed, Profel Extrusion & Finishing experienced less downtime and their internal quality assurance department reported less rejected profiles.


  • Russell Finex wins two Shapa Awards

    Russell Finex presented with the Exporter of the Year and the Innovation Award at Solids Handling and Processing Industry Awards.

    The SHAPA Awards 2016 returned to the National Space Centre, Leicester on Tuesday 12th April to showcase the achievements of companies and individuals in the solids handling and processing industry. Russell Finex was shortlisted in three of the five categories at the prestigious event, highlighting another successful year for the separation specialists.

    Having taken home Exporter of the Year in 2015, Russell Finex again hoped for success in this category. The company was also in the running for the Innovation Award, in recognition of the recently developed lifting system for screen decks, the Russell Screen Changer™, as well as SHAPA Company of the Year.Russell-Finex-SHAPA-Awards-2016-Winners-Innovation

    After much anticipation, Russell Finex prospered in two of the award categories, taking home the Innovation Award as well as being named Exporter of the Year for the second year running.

    Richard Baker, Russell Finex UK Sales Manager, was thrilled to accept the Innovation Award, commenting, “This award highlights our commitment to listening to our customers, and placing them at the heart of new developments. Our new products are not only made for customers, but with customers, who provide valuable insights into function and usability, so we can continue to meet their demands.”

    With innovation at the core of the company, Russell Finex invests in extensive research, in order to continually meet the needs of customers, as well as quickly adapt its business strategies when new markets or technologies emerge. Utilizing relationships with major global customers is a key part of this research, and assisted in the development of the new separator deck lifter, the Russell Screen Changer™, a solution to enhance the safety and usability of single and multi-deck circular separators. The Russell Finex development team applied the latest in pneumatic technology to provide a user-friendly, failsafe and compact design, targeting the needs of the modern-day process industry.

    Hemal Adalja, Senior Export Sales Manager at Russell Finex, accepted the Exporter of the Year award, saying, “We are delighted to have been recognised for another outstanding year of export growth. We are continually working hard to provide high-quality products and customer service around the world, in established and developing markets, and it’s great to be rewarded for this.”

    Since its establishment in 1934, Russell Finex has enjoyed steady, strategic growth to cement itself as a global leader in the design and manufacture of separation technology. Part of this success can be attributed to building and maintaining a global customer base, supported by local sales and aftermarket teams. With a large proportion of sales now coming from overseas markets, Russell Finex put clear, long-term plans in place to target new opportunities, as well as expand into existing territories.

    Russell Finex is honoured to have been rewarded by SHAPA once again for achievement in the industry, and would like to thank the association for recognizing the efforts behind another year of success.


  • Customized Sieving And Filtration Solution

    Russell Finex supply a two-stage customized sieving and filtration solution to improve processing efficiencies

    Strict regulations within the food industry means companies continually review their processes to ensure the quality of their food products remain of the highest standard. A leading bakery company found inefficiencies in their existing food processing method and sought a new solution. In the production of dough based products, the products are boiled before being baked. During the boiling process, excess materials such as dough, maize grit and sesame seeds would drop into the pre-bake water, causing contamination and affecting the quality of the water. Therefore the water tank needed to be cleaned manually and replenished with fresh water, resulting in high labor costs and downtime, and an increased consumption of water. The contaminated water would then be discharged to an effluent plant through pipes. This created further problems as the water containing the discharge solids would ferment and expand causing blockages in the pipes connected to the effluent plant.

    Following a recommendation, the company approached Russell Finex for an industrial screening solution. Drawing upon 80 years of experience in separation technology, Russell Finex were able to audit the bakery’s current manufacturing process and provide an efficient high quality solution to minimize contamination of the pre-bake water. This was achieved in two stages. The first stage was to install a fully automated Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® after the water tank to continuously remove contamination and re-circulate the pre-bake water. This industrial filter for liquids recirculates the clean water back into the pre-bake water tank, with any contamination being discharged into the effluent plant.

    The second stage of the separation process focused on eliminating the blockage of pipes caused by the solids fermenting in the pipework. The Russell Compact Sieve® vibratory screener was fitted directly after the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. When the contamination from the water tank is ejected from the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®, it is fed directly into a 400mm diameter Russell Compact Sieve® where water and debris are separated further. This allowed the bakery to dispose of a large percentage of solids to landfill with the remaining liquid being sent to the effluent plant for treatment prior to final disposal in the drain.

    With the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® and Russell Compact Sieve® installed, the bakery was able to achieve their objectives to improve the efficiencies of their production process, increasing product quality, reducing costs, and increasing overall efficiencies.