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Gericke BV belongs to the Swiss Gericke AG group of companies almost 120 years involved in the design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of powder processing equipment and turn-key systems. Strategic business groups comprise dosing- and weighing systems, dense phase pneumatic conveying, mixing installations and size control equipment thereby focussing on tailor-made processing systems meeting client specific demands and specifications. Group companies in the Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, USA, Brazil, Singapore and China employ approx. 300 people. 


Product news

  • Extractable HR Rotary Valve

    The new HR rotary valve comes with a wide range of specification options with easy manual handling functionality, achieved with sturdy linear rail configuration and tapered rotor geometry.

    Value engineered the HR includes a patented adjustment arrangement which enables precision and secure rotor adjustment and setting. The new rotary valve enables safe manual handling in an easy, flexible and economic solution.

    Fast and simple removal of rotor
    The design also takes advantage of Rota Val’s proven tapered rotor configuration, with the rotor shaft having been tailored to suit purpose-made seals, which ensure reliable extraction and insertion. Just one spanner is required for simple rotor removal.

    The basic specification of the HR rotary valve is suited for most production processes, being easily configured with several options.

    • Direct or chain drive
    • Drop or blow through options
    • Sizes 125 mm to 300 mm
    • ATEX option
    • Polished internal option
    • FDA approved materials option
    • Detection sensing with RotaSafeTM for fast stop due to rotor to housing contact

    The HR rotary valve is just one of a number of valve types available. Experienced Rota Val engineers are happy to assist in the specification of the best valve for each application.

    Rota Val is part of the Gericke Group and has been manufacturing rotary and diverter valves for over 40 years and has a well-established and proven history within the bulk handling industry.


  • Competitive advantages with Gericke GMS C Mixer

    Extremely high mixing quality for micro components, short mixing time and very easy cleaning process. These three features characterise the new revised type series of Gericke GMS mixer. This is Gericke’s answer to the needs of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where hygiene demands have become more and more stringent and product quality is of utmost importance.

    GMS stands for Gericke Multiflux® mixer. In the Version GMS C The mixing tools are cantilevered. Thanks to this feature, the front of the mixer can be opened up completely for cleaning purposes. The Gericke GMS C mixers is the only twin rotor mixer available on the market with this feature.

    Easy to clean
    In the case of the GMS ECD version (Extractable Cantilevered Drive) the whole drive unit, including mixing rotors, can be extracted from the body. Large side doors for cleaning also facilitate cleaning of the inside of the body. The cantilevered construction means that the number of seals in contact with product has been halved. All these points mean that inspection, disassembly and cleaning of the GMS C mixers require far less time and effort than other systems. No compromises have to be made in connection with mixing homogeneity.

    Fast and gentle to a high homogeneity
    Gericke Multiflux® GMS mixers form a mechanical fluidised bed with two horizontally arranged superimposed mixing tools. That way the mixing process can be carried out very quickly and gently and with high quality results. Gericke Multiflux® mixers permit up to 12 mixing cycles per hour. The Gericke GMS C mixers are available in sizes of 100 to 2000 litres (useable volume) per batch.

    Low installation height
    Compared to other mixing systems the GMS C also stands out for its low height. Wherever space is at premium, the GMS C mixers offer more possibilities for the complete application design.

    Tests can be conducted on original process equipment in our Test Centre. Tests give the certainty that the requested output is achieved in a reliable way. More information can be found under: www.gericke.net.


  • Effortless changeover from dilute to dense phase conveying with Gericke mini double vessel conveyor

    What can be done, if a dilute flow conveying system cannot cope with the handling of a new bulk material e.g. when product attrition is beyond the defined specifications? A dilute flow conveying system can easily and quickly be converted into a dense flow conveying system with the Gericke mini double conveyor.

    There are products which cannot be transported efficiently in a dilute flow conveying system. On the one hand, sensitive products may suffer from considerable attrition whereas abrasive products may cause excessive wear on the conveying system.

    With the Gericke Mini Double Vessel Conveyor, PTAD 20, the existing dilute flow conveying system can easily be converted into a dense phase system. The mini vessels can be installed directly below the storage device in place of a rotary valve. The following advantages can be achieved:

    • Extremely gentle conveying
    • No demixing
    • No wear on piping and valves
    • No rotating parts in contact with product
    • Drastic reduction of conveying air and energy consumption

    The PTAD 20 twin vessels permit dense flow conveying whenever space available is extremely limited. The system is made up of two 20 l pressure hoppers (vessels) and is operated in continuous mode. The vessels are either supplied with an inlet manifold or directly connected to the downstream process. The low construction of up to 750 mm permits installation of the double vessels instead of the rotary valve. One appropriate line of action is to install these downstream from the dryers. Throughputs of 4-10 m3/h can be achieved depending on selection of the piping (DN65 – DN100) and product to be handled.

    In the meantime, several conveying systems of this kind are being operated successfully in the food industry in conjunction with milk powder, whey powder, gelatin, granulates and powders as well as various premixes. The Gericke conveying system with mini double vessels is also very suitable for gentle conveying of granules.

    In the Gericke test centres, tests can be carried out with this conveying system and other conveying processes and exact conveying parameters can be determined. Moreover, insight can be gained into product quality (attrition) and potential product agglomeration in piping. In addition to this, Gericke also provides various types of hire equipment for use on customer`s premises.