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Jansen&Heuning Bulk Handling Systems bv

Jansen&Heuning Bulk Handling Systems bv


9723BN Groningen

There is more to bulk handling than just taking care of the transportation from A to B. Reliability, durability, safety, environment and cost control are crucial factors and therefore deserve optimal attention. After years of specialization, Jansen&Heuning is a partner for everyone who deals with bulk handling. With you, we look for the best option. Then we apply our products in the right place and the right way.
Jansen&Heuning has been present in many industrial branches since 1901. All of these projects were successful in terms of effectiveness and simplicity. Thinking along and innovating makes Jansen&Heuning a prominent company in the field of Bulk Handling.


Product news

  • FIBC robot - fully automatic filling and handling

    When filling a big bag, manpower is required to attach the FIBC to the spout. Jansen & Heuning has developed an FIBC, which can be automatically filled, put into storage, picked-up by a fork lift truck and emptied, without the driver needing to leave the steering wheel.
    The four loops are replaced by four belts converging around the spout. By picking up the filling mouth, the belts and the mouth unfold, thus creating enough space for the forks of the truck to be put in, and hoist the FIBC on the belts. At this invention is patent/octrooi granted under number NL2002251.