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7005BN Doetinchem

Hethon is a worldwide specialist in powder and liquid dosing, especially for substances that are difficult to dose. We distinguish ourselves because we think along with the customer to come to a good long-term solution, find personal attention important and can quickly come to good advice.

We help you find the best solution for:
* Dosing and weighing installations
* Big-Bag unloading installations
* Bag dump stations
* Pumps
* Valves
* Rotating joints
* Turn key projects
Many products also in ATEX

Thanks to the small-scale set-up of the company with modern and efficient order processing systems and direct purchase from the manufacturers, Hethon can deliver the most effective products for many applications at the most competitive rates.
Hethon has its own engineering, assembly, service and test department.

Hethon does not shy away from assisting its relations with the right choice regarding chemical and application suitability. Both the OEM market with large numbers and the single replacement pump are highly expertly advised by intensively trained sellers.


Product news

  • Dust-free bag unloading with the Hethon Bag dump station!

    Hethon manual bag dump stations are custom-developed for the dust-free filling of your Feeder or other equipment. The manual bag dump station is applied to your dosing devices as an extension. The product can be fitted with a level sensor, a safety switch for the valve, connector for the extraction, a scale, an own extraction system, a self-cleaning filter and/or a safety switch. Also available in ATEX.


  • Hethon Basic Feeder

    Hethon Flexible Wall Feeders are exceptionally suitable for difficult to dose powders.
    Practice shows that our customers do not always have to deal with difficult to dose powders. If things can be easy why make them complicated?

    That's why we expanded our product range with the so-called Hethon Basic Feeder. The screws are interchangeable 1 on 1, so in a project both Feeder types can be used side by side. And that gives more options! An economical choice with the same benefits as the Flexible Wall Feeder:

    * Minimum power consumption
    * Easy to clean components
    * Low maintenance due to low wearing parts
    * Very few contact parts
    * Remunerative in price
    * Screws are interchangeable with the Flexible Wall Feeder from 13 to
    with 58 mm
    * Extension hopper interchangeable with the Flexible Wall Feeder
    * Very strong frame
    * Accurate dosing with weighing and control possible
    * With this Basic Feeder you can dose up to 820 liters per hour

    Come see the Hehton Feeders at stand G116!

Job ads

  • Technical office employee

    Are you looking for a new challenge as a technical specialist?
    Working at Hethon offers you the opportunity to develop your life in a fast and creative environment.
    We are currently looking for an energetic and creative person who can work smoothly. He / she is expected to take initiative and a great deal of self-motivation, in a small team, where we help each other. It concerns an internal service function, in which the external service is supported. You enjoy working with people and finding answers to questions. You are accurate and do not ignore things, but answer your customers by email with a personal story.
    We love individuality and stand for quality, quick answers and delivery times.

    Are you up for the challenge?


  • Communicatief sterke medewerker binnendienst met technische affiniteit

    Ben je op zoek naar een nieuwe uitdaging als technisch specialist?

    Werken bij Hethon biedt je de mogelijkheid om je verder te ontwikkelen in een snelle en creatieve omgeving.
    We zijn momenteel op zoek naar een energieke en creatieve persoon die soepel kan werken. Van hem/haar wordt verwacht dat hij initiatief neemt en gemotiveerd om te werken in een klein team waar we elkaar helpen. Het betreft een interne servicefunctie, waarbij de externe service wordt ondersteund. Je geniet van het werken met mensen en het vinden van antwoorden op vragen.