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Inventech Benelux B.V.

Inventech Benelux B.V.


4906 BB Oosterhout NB

Inventech Benelux offers technically high-quality analytical solutions for laboratories and the process industry to optimize products and processes in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. We are active in the food, feed and agricultural sector, in the chemical and petrochemical industry and work for research and development departments in other sectors as well.

Visit our stand (G103) and we will help you find the best possible solution for your organisation to increase product quality, improve the process, reduce costs and/or save energy. A selection from our analytical instruments form renowned brands:

(In-line) Particle Characterization
(In-line) NIR Analyzers
(In-line) Refractive Index or Brix Analyzers
(In-line) Dust Emission Analyzers
(In-line) Viscosity Analyzers
(In-line) Liquid Density Analyzers
(In-line) Moisture Analyzers


Product news

  • Inventech from today official dealer of Bruins Instruments

    Inventech official dealer of Bruins Instruments

  • Increasing efficiency together

    Due to the increasing automation at production locations, there is a great demand for complete analysis systems, with which all analyzers built into the process can be assessed from one central point. Inventech develops and builds complete tailor-made analysis units in collaboration with partners. Whether you want a complete analysis system for in-process analyzers or a set of new analysis solutions. Ask us about the possibilities for your organization and increase the efficiency of your process.

  • Building the impossible using in-line viscosity analytical instrumentation

    Since Reynolds Polymer Technology, a company that specializes in leading acrylic and polymer designs, uses Sofraser's in-line viscosity measurement, their process is easier and more efficient. Viscosity plays a key role in the development of the enormous aquarium windows that the company designs and produces, as well as in the architectural glass and wall elements that they make; each object requires a specific viscosity.
    The MIVI sensor from Sofraser is a solution for the company and helps to realize the mission: to build what seems impossible. The in-line measurement from Sofraser has more advantages: it shortens time-to-market, reduces costs, is robust and easy to maintain. Watch the video below to see what their experiences are with in-line measurement of viscosity.

    Do you want to know what the Sofraser MIVI sensor can do for your process? Contact our product managers for more information.