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Tempesta Trading BV



Tempesta Trading BV is "Officially certified distributor / partner" for the Netherlands of Peli Storm Cases and Peli Air Cases; high-quality plastic cases of American origin, available in various sizes and colors.
Peli Air Cases were introduced in 2016 and completely newly developed protector cases that are up to 40% lighter and just as strong as the existing "classic Peli Protector Cases" cases.
The Peli Cases are best known for their robust resilient housing, which is highly resistant to high impact, gas, water and airtight closures and a lifetime warranty *. (* where legally possible)

But also the Peli "Remote Area Light Systems" are part of our delivery program. Sufficient lighting is enormously important for the realization of a safe working environment. If that workplace is located somewhere else every time, this lighting must be easy and safe to transport. The solution for this is Peli RALS; robust portable LED lighting with an enormous service life.
Peli's products are used in a very broad market, particularly in the higher segment, such as in the electronics industry, equipment construction, the high-quality measuring instrument industry, the diving industry, the professional photo industry, the packaging industry, in defense / police, off-shore, road and hydraulic engineering etc. etc.

Tempesta Trading only sells to a distribution network of resellers and large users in the various branches mentioned.