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Safex Control B.V.

Safex Control B.V.


2811 EL Reeuwijk

Safex Control B.V., based in Reeuwijk, specializes in the design and supply of, as well as maintenance of, contactless measuring instrumentation and fiber optic optical temperature measuring and monitoring systems.
Our customers are the industry in general and the petrochemical and power transformer builders in particular.


Product news

  • Non-contact Microwave Moisture Measuring System Micro-Polar

    The non-contact on-line microwave moisture content measuring system Micro-Polar is especially applicable when the moisture content of a bulk product should be accurately determined and other system types cannot properly fulfill this challenge, i.e. due to abrasive properties. By applying microwave transmission technology, direct contact between product and measuring system is absent. This implies: high accuracy and no preventive or periodical maintenance, thus low costs. Usually Micro-Polar systems are easy to implement in an existing production environment. Micro-Polar systems have been successfully applied on coal, sand, wood chips, gypsum, fertilizer, tobacco, lucerne, animal feed products and many, many others. Feel free to inquire.


  • Safex Control provides New Energy. For Free !!

    Researching optimized measurement solutions can be a tedious, boring and energy-draining job. Naturally Safex Control would like to help you out. When you leave your measurment application with us during the SOLIDS Rotterdam 2015, you will immediately receive this Powerbank from us. It will provide you free New Energy, enable you to use your smartphone for many extra hours and spend your time on other useful matters. We would be glad to welcome you on our booth, no. E103.

  • Multi Phase Level Measurement MPLM

    The Multi Phase Level Measurement MPLM from Berthold Technologies is applied on settlers and de-salters to simultaneously ascertain the levels of individual product fractions in setters and de-salters, even under toughest proces conditions. By application of a multi-link, flexible rod source and an array of extremely sensitive scintillation detectors, the individual interface levels of various fractions are determined continuously and reliably. Highly accurate at economically interesting investment costs.