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Nestinox BV

Nestinox BV



Nestinox, your partner in stainless steel fasteners!

The Nestinox range includes stainless steel fasteners for pumps, valves, seals and many other industries, i.e.:
- bolts
- nuts
- screws
- security screws
- cotter pins
- hose clamps
- specials (special pressing and turning according to your drawings / samples)
- screw thread inserts
- etc.


Product news

  • Screw thread treatments

    Nestinox, your partner in stainless steel fasteners, can deliver various screw thread-inserts and –treatments, such as Tuflok®, Nyseal®, Nytemp®, Nycote® and Precote®. Through these treatments your fixations will be even stronger.

    Screw thread treatments can be applied for a variety of reasons, such as resistance against vibration of the screws, prevention of disassemby of the fixation, for firm water- and gas-tight joints etc.
    Thread treatments can be applied to materials of various strengths.

    The best-known thread treatment is probably Tuflok® (with the “blue spot”). This elastic nylon layer provides a vibration free fixation.

    In addition to the listed treatments, there are still several other possible solutions for solving fastening problems. There are no standard solutions, but together with the customer Nestinox will search for the best solution of the fixation “problem”.