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L. TAS & Co bvba

L. TAS & Co bvba


2270 Herenthout

TAS has been working for years with well-established suppliers in the design and manufacture of high quality products, which are used for example in mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry, food, HVAC, hydraulics, etc ….


Product news

  • TAS received the representation of ADCA VALSTEAM.

    Valsteam ADCA is a full service manufacturer of steam and fluid systems equipment based in Portugal. They deliver groundbreaking solutions for practically all kind of industries, in more than 80 countries from the 5 continents. Valsteam ADCA has choosenTAS as their distributor for the Belgian and Luxembourg market. ADCA Valsteam is supplier of steam traps; control valves, pressure reducing valves, condensate pumps, pipeline ancillaries and complete skids for energy recovery in steam systems.