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Blok Gouda B.V.

Blok Gouda B.V.


2801SB Gouda

Blok Gouda was founded in1946. We are specialized in steam and condensate related products .In our company we have much experience and knowledge in handling condensate flow discharge.
We also have our own production facility for all kinds of steam traps and related products.


Product news

  • Blok SUSstainable steam traps type SUS.

    Blok Gouda is developing constant new products. See f.e. our steam trap type SUS with many possibilities and the effort a SUStainable steam trap in operation and maintenance as well.
    See www.blokgouda.com

  • Ultrasone infra-red Steamdetect IV steam leak detection.

    The Blok Steamdetect IV is a device special developed for quick and simple checking the operation of steam traps. This measuring instrument contents an ultrasonic detector and an infrared temperature gauge including a laser indicator. By the ultrasound the steam trap can be check if there is life steam passing(steam leakage) and by the infra-red temperature measuring will be measured if the temperature is in accordance of the required of the process.
    A steam leakage effects a vibration in the ultrasonic area the Steamdetect IV detects and indicates the level in the display in a certain value.
    All type of steam traps can be checked by the Steamdetect IV.