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While parts are broken prematurely, a whole machine or production line stagnates. By improving this particular part with the appropriate coating, the durability can be prolonged significantly.
Revamo has many years of experience in applying and finishing of thermal sprayed coatings.

This year Revamo has started with laser cladding, also called laser metal deposition. A coating which is applied by this innovative technique, is qualified by a high adhesion strength and the total lack of porosity. The laser does hardly bring any heat to the base material in comparison with conventional welding. This means deformation of the treated part is minimal and there will be hardly any structural changes, which do happen with other welding processes.
The Revamo professionals have the ability to carry out all the usual flame spray processes and have also access to a wide range of machines. This means that Revamo has the knowledge to select the right coating and to execute all of the necessary machining operations under our own roof.
Revamo has a wide range of different coatings to choose from. If the problem to be solved is corrosion, erosion, fretting or another kind of wear, Revamo has the answer.
Revamo makes and treats parts for all different kinds of trades, like: human nutrition, shipping industry, energy production, oil, gas or chemistry.

Product news

  • Circulair Economy

    Worn parts are often replaced by new parts. The old parts are thrown away. We wonder why we do this. Revamo can repair these parts back to original specifications. The costs are significant cheaper then new parts. And Revamo can repair these parts with a material which will prevent the wear. We make thes parts then better then new. And we save our envirement.