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AVK Nederland B.V.

AVK Nederland B.V.


8171MD Vaassen

AVK Nederland BV was founded in 1980 as the first foreign AVK sales company worldwide. Office, warehouse and factory AVK Rewag is now situated in Vaassen. The Dutch market is divided into five segments: water, gas, sewage, fire fighting and industry.
Our ambition is to exceed our customers' needs and expectations. "Expect...AVK" means relentlessly strive for increased customer benefits.
Our product range consists of valves, couplings, repair clamps, butterfly valves, streetcovers, cast iron fittings, under- and aboveground hydrants, penstocks, tapping saddles and various accessories for all 5 segments mentioned.


Product news

  • gas

    The climate targets for 2020 are not being achieved. This was revealed earlier this year in a study by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. As a result, the climate ambitions for 2030 are also at risk: 49 percent fewer emissions than in the reference year 1990. The Green Gas Coalition therefore calls on the government to make serious efforts to make hydrogen and biogas more sustainable in the Netherlands.

    Clean energy
    Hydrogen is one of the most promising solutions for a sustainable replacement of natural gas. It is clean to produce, you can store huge amounts of energy in it and it is easy to transport in the existing natural gas networks. In addition to hydrogen, biogas is a good alternative to natural gas. Biogas is the result of fermentation of vegetable and fruit residues, sewage sludge and manure, among other things.

    "These alternative forms of energy have remained underexposed during the climate tables," said Marcel Scucces, one of the initiators of the Green Gas Coalition. "There are more than 20 billion euros in gas pipelines in the Netherlands that can be quickly prepared for this sustainable gas. "We see it as our task to inform civil servants and administrators about the possibilities that hydrogen and biogas have to offer. The solution to our energy issue is closer than we think."

    Click here for the complete news item: http://www.avknederland.nl/nl-nl/nieuws/avk-nieuws/groen-gas-coalitie