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Metso Benelux B.V.

Metso Benelux B.V.


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Metso is the world’s leading industrial company in the flow control business. Our knowledge, people and solutions help drive sustainable improvements in performance and profitability in our customers’ businesses.


Product news

  • 60 years of industry-leading Neles valve solutions

    Over the course of the past 60 years, the Neles product family has evolved from its strong roots in durable and reliable valves hardware to also include a comprehensive range of expert services and intelligent valve controller solutions. The youngest of our valve product families continues to actively look forward while leaning on Metso’s more than 90 years of valves experience. A lean way of operating driven by customer needs is how Metso has become, and will continue to be, a preferred valve solutions partner for all major industries worldwide.


  • A well-planned shutdown ensures reliability (Video)

    Shutdown Success: Plan it well to ensure reliability

  • Driving OEE improvements - Implementing modern condition monitoring methods can have a real positive impact on Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

    Condition monitoring is the science and practice of monitoring key information to alarm, predict and prevent problems. Familiar examples include the monitoring of tire pressure in your car, or monitoring the vibration of large motors in industrial facilities. Alerts and alarms provide some specific diagnostics that lead to a corrective action (i.e., for a car, pump the tyres with air), which leads to improved results and operation (i.e., fuel efficiency, reduced tyre wear, safer driving in wet weather).

    The potential for improvement is great. Most industrial facilities are only leveraging a small fraction of the available process and equipment data, while many problems lie hidden in plain view. Large, expensive equipment can receive a lot of attention, while smaller, less expensive equipment is not monitored as closely. However, it should be, as up to 30% of control valves, for example, can improve process performance with minor repairs or upgrades.


  • Valve maintenance on its way to the cloud

    For decades, process plants have been designed to be heavily automated to provide safe and stable operation. In general, plant operators have a good understanding of how a process plant operates but the feedback ARC has been receiving highlights the fact that it’s impossible for end users to be experts in everything.


  • Advanced slurry valves promote efficiency and productivity

    Fully complying with engineering codes, safety standards and emission requirements is a good starting point. But creating genuine added value only comes from the extra performance that can be offered on top of just the minimum requirements.

    With intelligent instrumentation and digitalization, processes can be maintained and serviced based on the actual condition of the equipment, instead of the assumed or average equipment condition. Then, when reliability and performance is consistent, maintenance operations can be put on a planned schedule.

    In the best case, maintenance shutdowns can be shorter, safer and less frequent, since technological improvements can extend the effective lifetime of key equipment such as valves.


  • Building on our strengths to further conquer the Indian marketplace

    Metso has been successfully operating with valves in India for more than forty-five years in what is becoming an ever more rapidly developing and powerful economy. Valve World India spoke to Mika Sjöholm, Vice President, Valves India and Shirish Rajadhyaksha, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, India to learn more about Metso’s expanding product offering, their plans for how they intend to further improve their services and products to help new, existing, and potential customers, and how they are very effectively expanding their market share both in India, and globally.


  • Digital solutions bring reliability and predictability to aging plants

    Aging plants have a lot of data …

    The manufacturing industry is flooded with data. According to a study by McKinsey, the manufacturing sector produces more data than every other industry, including banking, retail, and even government. Much of this data comes from real-time measurements directly on the plant floor. Instruments measure flow, level, temperature, valve positions, motor speeds, and more. Most of this data is fed to control systems, where it becomes electronic information. Smart devices, which appeared in the 1980’s, supply even more rich data.

    …But it isn’t being used