Measurement & Analysis Hotspots

Measurement & Analysis Hotspots

NEW at Solids Rotterdam: Measurement & Analysis Hotspots

Novelties in the measurement and analysis instrumentation follow up quickly. Visit all Measurement & Analysis Hotspots on Pumps & Valves and Solids for a complete update in this product segment. The exhibitors have their stands on various places throughout the entire exhibition floor.

Measurement _ Analysis

Products in the spotlight

ES-FLOW - Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters

Bronkhorst Nederland B.V. - Stand G110

The ES-FLOW is a volumetric flowmeter / controller for low flow liquids. The instrument works with an innovative measurement principle in which ultrasound is conducted in a straight tube with a very small diameter. This ensures that a wide range of fluids can be measured independently of density, temperature and viscosity.


New hygienic digital load cells (pressure boxes)

Dosco Sales & Engineering bv - Stand C116

A new and patented hygienic load cell has been developed especially for the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.The most important advantage, in addition to exceptionally reliable weighing, is the unique smooth design according to the EHEDG guidelines. Clearing the product for a moment is without risk of contamination and spreading of bacteria. For these new load cells, the most common interfaces, including PROFINET, Profibus DP, EtherNet IP and Modbus TCP, are available.

Dosco Loadcell

BUCHI NIR-online

Büchi Labortechnik GmbH - Stand C119

BUCHI NIR-Online® is useful on multiple ways for real-time monitoring and production control. Plant- and production managers always strive to maximize the economic efficiency of their processes. This can be achieved by, for example, narrowing the safety margins of precious components, optimizing water content, reducing energy consumption, avoiding batches, and selecting raw materials or intermediate products to quality to achieve a higher standard and avoiding claims. 

nir online

Suction Pipe S...

Elobau Benelux - Stand G105

The suction lance with level monitoring is suitable for all dosing systems. It is mainly used for dispensing liquids in industrial dishwashers and industrial washing machines. With the integrated fluid level signal in the suction pipe, you achieve the highest degree of process reliability for your systems and can prevent the dry operation of sensitive pumps.


Micropilot FMR67 - 80GHz free field radar

Endress + Hauser B.V. - Stand D102B

Micropilot FMR67 is the first 80GHz radar developed according to the international functional safety directive IEC 61508. The 80GHz frequency delivers more interaction with fine granulates. All this translates into a stable and reliable measurement in these measurement conditions. In short, a nice addition to the already wide range of Endress + Hauser bulk goods.

Micropilot Endress Hauser

VSE150 - Diagnostic electronics for vibration sensors

IFM Electronic - Stand H111

Diagnostic electronics for vibration sensors are reliable for monitoring of machines and equipment. Thanks to monitoring of imbalance, rolling element bearing or gear state condition-based maintenance is possible. It is able to receive inputs for the simultaneous detection of up to four vibration sensors. In addition two switching outputs for pre-alarm and main alarm are available. There is also the possibility for analogue inputs for monitoring further measurement variables.


Moisturemeter II

INADCO - Stand C135

INADCO Moisture Measurement introduces a new system for the measurement of moisture content in coarse bulk goods. In this new system, INADCO uses all the knowledge that has been built over the years in the production of existing products. The Moisturemeter II on the market is their second generation moisture meter that allows to measure inline and instantly the moisture content in a wide range of products in a "streaming" process. Due to the design of our system it can cope with big particle sizes.

Moisture meter II

On-line 3D dynamic image analysis

Inventech Benelux B.V. - Stand D104

Microtrac's unique 3D image analysis technology measures real-time high-resolution, full-size, and size parameters of your product. The three-dimensional image that is created real-time and continuous of the particles gives you important information about your production process. In just seconds, Microtrac PartAn displays up to 32 different parameters of the particles within a range of 0.035 to 35 millimeters. This uncomplicated technique is easy to use and is available online in many industries and can be linked to any industrial control system

INVENTECH 3d analysis

Nivoradar NR 3000 for level measurement

Nivotherm B.V. - Stand D103

For measuring the level in silos up to 100 meters high, the NivoRadar uses a 78 GHz measurement frequency. The compact sensor with stainless steel housing works in powders and granules, even with strong dust formation during the filling process. The commissioning is simple with a plug-in display.


Cairpol stations for perimeter monitoring

Optyl BVBA - Stand A109

The Cairpol stations of the French fabric Environment SA is an instrument used as perimeter monitoring, but also for the follow-up of dust emissions from processinstallations. The stations can be connected to weather stations via a wireless network so that dust emissions can be monitored 24/7 in relation to weather conditions. The measurement data is displayed on a PC or tablet and can be visualized through various options.

Optyl stations

PYROVIEW / PYROSOFT FDS - Fire Detection and Warning System

Safex Control bv - Stand F106

The PYROVIEW / PYROSOFT Fire Detection and Warning System is a reliable and effective means of fully automated, continuous surveillance and recognition of spontaneous combustion of fireplaces in bunkers or on open-air landfills of waste or combustible materials such as paper, charcoal and many others.

Safex pyroview

Quadratherm - Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Sierra Instruments BV - Stand M123

Thermal mass flowmeter to measure the flow rate of gases / gas compositions - Quadratherm. This accurate measurement method is very economical, virtually without any pressure loss, no moving parts, direct mass flow reading and a high turndown. With Sierra's qMix, gas compositions can be adjusted in the field.


IT3 - Weighing terminal

SysTec GmbH - Stand C127

Just in time for Solids 2017, SysTec GmbH, introduces the IT3. IT3 is the successor of the over ten years successful IT3000 weighing terminal . Like its predecessor, the IT3 offers a range of pre-installed standard applications. This allows the IT3 to be used not only for weighing and registration tasks with push-in feeds, but also as a control for single or two-stroke metric control and derivative optimization, for bulk control, as a weighing terminal for numbers of goods or as a vehicle weighing terminal.


VEGAPULS 69 - Radar sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solids

VEGA Meet- en Regeltechniek B.V. - Stand B116

The VEGAPULS 69 is a sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids under different process conditions. It is ideal for level measurement in very high silos, large bunkers and segmented vessels. Thanks to the very good signal focussing a simple setup and reliable measurement is ensured. The VEGAPULS 69 can be equipped with an encapsulated plastic antenna or a lens antenna integrated in the metal flange. This enables the optimum adaption to different application areas.

vegapuls 69