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amixon® specialises in the development and manufacturing of processing equipment for the processing industry.
One focus of the amixon® product range is on sterile equipment which fulfils even the highest requirements in terms of hygiene. Continual innovations such as mixing devices and discharge processes for complete discharge have enabled amixon® to make further improvements in productivity and the hygiene standards of the process equipment. Many detailed solutions are protected by patent.
The individual fabricated powder mixers, paste mixers, vacuum dryers, reactors, cone mixers, single-shaft mixers, twin-shaft mixers, vacuum mixers and container mixers find application in many different branches.

All components of the amixon®-mixers are made in Germany. The production of the machines takes place exclusively in the amixon®-factory in Paderborn, Germany.

Room for pioneers
We would be very happy to carry out pilots of your new products and procedures under development and invite you to view demonstrations in our factory laboratories in Paderborn, Memphis TN, USA or Osaka, Japan. The processes are demonstrated with your original products, the results interpreted and transferred to the parameters that you choose. This excludes risks associated with technical aspects of the process. Your investment is based on solid foundations.

Our formula for your success
• The competence that only a technical leader can offer
• Very highly skilled production facilities
• The maximum possible hygiene standards
• Business conduct on a partnership basis

With these ingredients we have gained the confidence of our customers world-wide. Mutual reliance is important: We can only satisfy your needs properly if we start from accurate information. For this reason we conclude secrecy agreements with you.

You benefit from our customised solutions:

Vertical Mixers
One Shaft Mixers
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Product news

  • Conical mixer for particularly fast batch changes

    Modern crop protection chemicals are the results of many successive stages of synthesis. Finally they are processed in high-performance powder mixers and then filled and packed. The active ingredients are of a high purity and are present in an extremely high concentration. Against this background the user’s requirement characteristics are roughly as follows:

    • ideal mixture qualities and micro-fine deagglomeration
    • short mixing times
    • easily controllable energy input for the retention of the formulations obtained from the compaction process
    • high-level discharge ability, in the ideal case up to 100%
    • usability for varying filling levels from 10 to 100%, taking into consideration that some
    • components are ground micro-fine in the air-jet mill and are strongly fluidised
    • hygienic apparatus design with regard to regularly performed wet cleaning
    • gastight execution, suitable for over-pressure
    • Atex conformity
    • compact, space-saving design

    There are tendencies in the industry to carry out such preparation steps in smaller batches with a substantially shortened mixing time. amixon GmbH has defined the resulting requirements for the mixer as a development task and has created a new mixing system on the basis of the amixon® mixing technology with helical mixing tools. These mixers are available in single- and twin-shaft versions. Despite low rotational speeds the mixing tools achieve ideal mixing qualities within just 20 to 60 seconds. Rotationally symmetrical closing elements lower a few centimetres and allow complete discharge within a few seconds. This makes it possible to homogenise large volumetric flows with small mixers.


  • amixon® mixer for powdery nutritional supplements and effervescent tablets

    Vitamins, micronutrients, functional active ingredients, aromas, food colorings, binding agents, etc. are homoge-nized in the amixon® mixer in a micro fine process. The mixing chamber is filled with nitrogen, so that the mixing process takes place without oxygen. Hence, the goods are protected against oxidation. Even the smallest components such as vitamins, micronutrients, enzymes etc. are homogeneously distributed. The mixing process is particularly gentle. Agglomeration is also possible. This enables the creation of functional powders and solid tablets with homogeneous porosity, even coloring and excellent solubility.

    In the amixon® mixer, an ideal mixing effect is achieved by a three dimensional total flow. Technically ideal mixing results are achieved very fast after 40 to 160 revolutions. The helical tool initiates an upward movement of the goods along the periphery. The downward movement of the goods takes place in the center of the vessel. This type of rearrangement works quickly, reliably and without any dead space at different filling levels. On demand choppers can enhance the liquid incorporation and homogeneity. The patented ComDisc® system enables an effective discharge of up to 99.99%.

    amixon® blenders meet the highest hygienic demands and fulfill all current hygiene regulations: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group).