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Tallpack International supplies bagging units, stretch hooders, film wrappers and the corresponding consumables. It produces both standard and custom-made systems, here in the Netherlands and abroad. The Grip Fix® product guarantees pallet-load stability and can be used for a whole range of products, including bagged goods in paper, PP and PE.

As a specialist in end-of-line packaging systems, Tallpack International is pleased to offer a service department with a service desk that is available 24/7. Our service engineers have access to the spare parts required most frequently, because of which customers can always rely on a fast and efficient service.


Product news

  • New generation of arm-based stretch wrappers maximises focus on market needs

    The lowest possible cost per packaged pallet, considerable film savings and more stable pallets using less m². These are the main characteristics of Tallpack International's Tallwrapper 2202 series of arm-based stretch wrappers, which not only meet the needs of the market but also comply with the norms of the future.

    Minimum film use

    WP 20170711 007The 2202 series builds further on developments in the 2201 series, and involves the optimisation of film layers, film use, film stretching and film roping (making the film narrower thanks to a better end weld), explains Ariën Kievit, Sales Director Packaging at Tallpack International. “Pre-stretching rolls in film wagons are now more accessible, which means it only takes one and a half minutes to change the film. In addition, a ‘Powered’ pre-stretch unit makes it possible to realise effective pre-stretching of 300% (1 metre stretched to > 4 metres), while keeping neckdown to a minimum. This means the film's vertical characteristics remain the same when it is stretched horizontally. The technique means a whopping forty percent saving in packaging costs can be realised. Furthermore, the covering of film rolls also offers guaranteed wear-resistance.”

    An important change on the film wagon means less power is needed for film roping, thus making it even easier to create narrow film. “Because roping now occurs electrically, there is no need for air supply to be mounted on the wrapping arm. And the machine's compact design means it only needs a limited amount of space.”

    Ideal pallet stability

    Instead of a dancer arm, the new film wagon now features a power cell that continuously measures tension between the pallet and film wagon, explains Kievit. “It is easy to manage and control film tension, which means users can easily modify tension for particular parts of the pallet. This results in ideal pallet stability, without the need for extra wrapping. Sliding loads have thus been confined to the past, and means we have already met upcoming European legislation concerning cargo securing.”

    Film tension is registered in a film ledger, which is evaluated by Tallpack International free of charge every quarter. “Recommendations are then made, and optimisations are implemented wherever necessary, to make sure the performance we promise is effectively realised in practice.”

    The Tallwrapper 2202 arm-based wrapper has been fully engineered and constructed in-house in the Netherlands.


  • Tallpack International demonstrates Grip Fix

    "Stacked bags on pallets Pallet-based loads can be stabilised using Grip Fix® palletising glue. Grip Fix® anti-slip glue is water-based and free of chemical solvents. The glue is not only suitable for paper bags, polyethylene bags (PE) and polypropylene woven bags (PP), but also for boxes and trays."

    Grip Fix® is applied to boxes or bags in small amounts before the package is palletised. This is done via the Bag Fix® application system. The pallet will be stable after a short drying time and this stability will be retained once products have been stacked on the pallet. The secret: high shearing force, but very low tractive force. The pallet load does not slide, but can still be easily removed from the pallet. Grip Fix® does not leave residues.


  • Clear Grip

    An anti-slip-sheet variant features a strip-based coating, making it possible to process anti-slip sheets better automatically. The amount of coating used remains the same, because of which the anti-slip effect achieved is the same too. The other variant features a polyester sheet instead of a paper one. This PET Gripsheet is watertight and airtight, crack-free, transparent, washable and, in respect to the photo paper variant, many times lighter.
    Tallpack International specialises in securing loads. Armed with the unique anti-slip materials developed by Tallpack International, the financial losses and dissatisfied customers that ensue when loads are damaged become a thing of the past. Sales representatives from Tallpack International are always pleased to advise customers on the best products for their needs and to work with them to test the best solutions for the product in question.
    In the food sector it is particularly desirable that products can cool, dry or degas on the pallet. Perforated foil has been available for this purpose for a while. Tallpack International has now developed a module for rotary table wrappers where foil is cut on the foil carriage. The same result can be achieved as well as costs being saved.
    The right combination of foil and application yields a result that makes it possible to save both time and the packaging costs incurred. Tallpack International would be only too pleased to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your options, which could also be demonstrated at its showroom in Geldermalsen. If required, a Tallwrapper can be installed on a trial basis.