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Sefar is the leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments for the screen printing and filtration markets. Sefar products are used in a wide variety of industries, reaching from electronics, graphics, medical, automotive, food and pharmaceutical applications to aerospace, mining & refining and architecture. With its profound under- standing of the applications Sefar helps its customers to achieve optimum results in their industrial processes.

Subsidiaries and fabrications centers in 26 countries on 5 continents provide local technical service for the broad range of solutions offered by Sefar.

Sefar Group operates weaving plants in Switzerland, Romania and Thailand.
Its Monosuisse division produces fine and medium yarns in Switzerland and Poland.

SEFAR Brands:
With integrated backing cloth for excellent drainage and stability.
For maximum permeability and optimal cleaning properties.
For maximum particle retention, strength and cloth flexibility.


Product news

  • Low-cost technology for large-area OLEDs

    Thanks to a CTI project, Sefar AG and CSEM have developed a low-cost and efficient method to increase the attractiveness of OLEDs used in lighting applications.

    Together, the partners have developed low-cost flexible OLEDs on transparent highly-conductive electrodes made of fabric substrates comprised of flexible metallic wires and polymeric fibers woven together to form a highly transparent and flexible polymer. These fabric-based substrates (SEFAR TCS Planar) are manufactured using low-cost high-throughput processes under ambient clean room conditions.


  • SEFAR Smart Fabrics

    To cope with the demanding environment of the various industries, Sefar has developed a Smart Fabric range in order to maximize the customer`s value. Our fabrics not only satisfy a single pur pose, e.g. filtration, but can also be made to generate heat, used as transparent electrodes, to illuminate or sense physical parameters.

    Our heating fabrics are one of the thinnest heating fabrics on the market. They are made of PET monofilaments and conductive fibers. The conductive fibers are available with insulation and in various qualities. Our PowerHeat NT fabrics are the only woven heating fabrics on the market
    which can be cut into almost any shape by the customer himself.

    Heated filter elements, car interiors, medical blankets, floor heating, heated seats, deicing, ...

    Sefar supports its customers with durable and efficient shielding fabrics with an electromagnetic field
    attenuation up to 40 dB. Our hybrid woven PowerShield fabrics have an insulated surface, are light weight, thin and have a high air permeability so that they can be easily laminated into the customer’s product near to the surface.

    Shielding of PC cases, protecting sensitive measuring and control equipment, protection against eavesdropping in areas of military and government agencies

    Panel lights shall become larger and more flexible. Sefar has the answer to the need of a highly conductive, transparent electrode. A foil-like substrate containing fine metallic wires, which can be processed by common wet or vacuum methods.

    OLED, LEC, electroluminescence

    Whether as a substrate to coat or as a fabric which is laminated on top of solar cells, Sefar`s fabric-based electrodes work excellent as highly efficient current collectors. Larger cell sizes become a reality, cost and time consuming processes can be simplified or even eliminated.

    c-Si, CIGS, organic solar cells (OSC), dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC), perovskite solar cells (PSC), others

    And many more
    With the given toolbox of several different conductive elements, that we can weave in and the additional possible top coatings, Sefar is capable of developing products for almost any application our customer needs.

    Electrical stimulation for wound healing, electroosmotic membranes, electrostatic filtration, electrochromic cells, fabric-based circuit boards, …