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ARCO is a specialist in turnkey solutions that boost productivity and cost-efficiency. We are able to deliver high-quality, customer-specific solutions. Continuity, flexibility, and productivity are factors that are improved by ARCO. Installations are made more reliable, more efficient, and more effective. When our customers face a challenge, we seek collaboration and work to achieve reliable, cost-efficient solutions.


Product news

  • Why you shoud visit ARCO at Solids

    System integrator ARCO will present a completely new concept for the handling of pallets, crates, cases and boxes at Solids in Rotterdam on 4 and 5 October 2017. Furthermore, at the exhibition a brand new stand design will be revealed. At the comfortable booth, we will gladly answer all your concerns regarding to process optimization in Industry, Recycling and Bulk. Click here to download free entry tickets for the exhibition.

    Live demonstration

    At the ARCO booth, a completely new concept for the handling of pallets, crates, cases and boxes is presented. This is just one of many solutions that have been delivered to our customers.Together with our customers we look at optimizing processes in conjunction with optimal space utilization and a minimum FTE capacity, to the highest possible output c.q. ROI.

    A new look

    Our booth has new graphics that provide a fresh and innovative look and feel. In addition, the booth is equipped with a comfortable seating area and a pantry for food and drinks.

    Why visiting the booth of ARCO is really worth
    •New concept
    •Live demonstrations
    •New look
    •Free tickets
    •Good coffee

    At Solids, you can visit ARCO for answers to all your challenges in process optimisation. We are able to provide high degree of automation, against a pre-calculated, low return on investment. On our stand we give live demonstrations on some of the modern solutions. We look forward welcomming you at our brand new booth.

    You can find us at stand number A-103 Solids, Ahoy Rotterdam 4 and 5 October. Click here to download free entry tickets for the exhibition.


  • Eneco opts for the specialism of ARCO

    ARCO recently developed a new conveyor system for energy producer Eneco. In order to fill the main silos with recycled wood, ARCO mounted two tailor made conveyors.


    The plant Eneco Bio Golden Raand located in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, produces clean energy from recycled wood. With this plant only, Eneco provides around 120,000 households from electricity. In order to generate all the energy, annually approximately 300,000 tons of recycled wood is delivered to the factory by ship, train and truck. The handling of wooden chips is fully automated by means of conveyor belts.
    Read more: http://www.arco-solutions.nl/en/nieuws/eneco-opts-for-the-specialism-of-arco/


  • ARCO automates recycling process for Coolrec

    Increased efficiency in recycling of electrical appliances

    To increase efficiency in the recycling process of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) ARCO developed a completely new installation for the Coolrec plant in Dordrecht in cooperation with the customer. The installation consists of a receiving hopper, conveyor of 15 meters, sorting cabin with 10 workstations and various small conveyors.


    Prior to the project, a project team was build consisting of a representative from the customer, an ARCO project manager and an ARCO engineer. The project has as main objective to develop the best possible solution, which perfectly matches the customers' requirements. A (simplified) example of which process steps the project team goes through is as follows:

    1. Project clarification (in which the customers' requirements are examined)
    2. Engineering phase
    3. Feasibility study
    4. Assembly phase
    5. Operational testing phase
    6. Training and implementation phase

    Read more: http://www.arco-solutions.nl/en/nieuws/arco-realiseert-installatie-voor-coolrec/


  • ARCO invests in new location

    Read in Dutch: http://www.arco-solutions.nl/en/nieuws/arco-invests-in-new-location/


  • ARCO develops big bale dosing bunker

    Read in Dutch: http://www.arco-solutions.nl/nl/nieuws/arco-ontwikkelt-big-bale-doseerbunker/