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Nivotherm bv

Nivotherm bv


3340AB Hendrik Ido Ambacht

Nivotherm is your supplier for level and flowsensors in solids (level switches and continuous measurement). With the wide range of measurement techniques we offer the right sensor for your application. Level switches: vibrating fork (Vibranivo), rotating paddle(Rotonivo and Roto-Bin-Dicator), vibrating stick (Mononivo), radio-frequency (RFnivo), capacitance (DOL), microwave (Wadeco), and pressure(Bin-Dicator). Continuous Level measurement: electro-mechanical(Nivobob), ultrasonic(EchoTrek), non-contact radar (NivoRadar) and guided radar (MicroTrek). Flow: Wadeco sensors


Product news

  • Tuning Fork Level Switch, compact and low-cost

    Nivotherm will present the new design of the Vibranivo vibrating fork level switch made by UWT. The VN-4000 is now equipped with a compact housing. Combined with the compact tuning fork, made of one single piece stainless steel, it makes a strong German quality design for a competative price.