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Van Beek is a niche player. The organisation specialises in high quality customisation of stainless steel screw conveyor systems and it delivers them worldwide. More than 80% of production is exported. In particular the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries are grateful to make use Van Beek’s expertise.

The bulk truck loaders form a separate machine line. Under the trade name Dino, Van Beek is the global market leader in this equipment. You can find more information on this on www.dino.nl


Product news

  • Counter-current screw for heating liquid

    Subsidy makes faster development of groundbreaking innovation possible
    In the development of a new type of screw heat exchanger for liquids we have literally thought in the reverse direction. In this new screw heat exchanger the screw is in fact used to delay the movement of the product instead of conveying it. To develop this reverse innovation faster we received subsidy of 30 thousand Euros from the Foundation Stichting Metal Valley.

    Under the trade name Celsius we already have wide experience with the construction of screw heat exchangers. These are used for cooling, heating and drying powders and granules. We are now investigating whether a screw can also play an important part in a heating process with liquid.

    Slowing down product with a vertical screw
    “We were being asked increasingly often whether we could also heat liquids and so we starting thinking about this”, says Eric de Jong, Manager of Operations. The outcome is a vertically installed screw where the liquid is sprayed in from the bottom at around 10 bar. A shaftless screw rotates against the pressure to slow down the liquid. Fitted around the screw is a twin-walled tube through which heated oil or water flows. In this way the temperature in the screw can be regulated.

    Reverse shaft affects residence time
    The operator sets how much resistance the screw gives and affects how long the liquid remains in the screw. So it can be very accurately determined how warm the product is when it comes out of the screw. “We are the first to experiment with this technique in this way”, says De Jong.

    Counter-current screw attracts praise
    The first tests with this ‘rebel going against the flow’ are very promising. “A two metre high test machine has been used for one client who processes frozen fruit, for example, smoothies. The client is so satisfied that he wants another screw heat exchanger like this”, explains De Jong.

    De Jong expects that there will be a big demand for this unique screw heat exchanger not only in the food industry, but also in recycling (for example for sludge processing) and the chemical industry.

    Good cooperation with Kapp
    We have developed this heat exchanger with Kapp Nederland B.V. from Dordrecht, a trading and engineering firm specialising in industrial heat exchangers in the process industry. Kapp Nederland is very satisfied with the cooperation in the development of this innovative product and is looking to present this type of heat exchanger in its market.

    Innovation already noticed in the press
    This first has not gone unnoticed. Following the subsidy that we received to develop this machine faster, the Brabants Dagblad recently wrote an article about it. In this article our director Perry Verberne explained that the plan was already there, but that the project had been left on the shelf because it still had to be made. “With the subsidy we were able to continue.”


  • Filling cabinet for safe loading and dust-free work place

    Do not underestimate the amount of fine dust that is released when loading bulk goods, whether this is done with a scoop, from a bag, big bag or shovel. Our filling cabinet is an ideal solution for safe loading in the work place and to reduce fine dust. In addition a filling cabinet not only protects against dust emissions, it also increases production capacity and minimises product loss.

    Suitable solution for every situation
    When loading bulk goods or emptying sacks a lot of dust is released. By equipping the cabinet with extras Van Beek can offer a suitable solution for every situation.

    For example a non-hazardous area (NHA) can be created with dust aspiration on the cabinet. In other cases the zone can be scaled down to a safer level (from ATEX 21 to ATEX 22).

    Production increasing
    A filling cabinet not only protects from dust emissions, it also increases the production capacity and the dedusting system minimises product loss. Van Beek can offer a suitable solution for every situation. For example bags can be emptied manually at an ergonomic working height. When integrating our filling cabinet we always allow for the space the operator needs to be able to move freely and safely. For emptying big bags we fit a big bag docking mechanism.

    Extra options
    A number of extensions are possible for a bag filling cabinet. For example this can be combined with a big bag unloading station. In addition Van Beek can connect a bag compactor for compressing empty bags. You can also extend your bag filling unit with options such as a door open/closed detector, an electronic lock on the door, an integrated dust filter, a cleaning hatch, a magnetic screen, a sensor, a control screen, a filter unit, a lump breaker, and more.


  • The ‘Smart Dino’, a logical step in cost saving

    As you know, we are working on making our Dino mobile bulk truck loader ‘smart’. We equip the Dino with sensors for example to be able to predict when maintenance is necessary. To prevent us having to invent the wheel again ourselves, for this we work with a partner who shares our vision and already has a lot of experience in this area: UVS Industry Solutions. Eveliene Langedijk, Director of the company, explains why it was decided to develop the Dino 4.0.

    UVS Industry Solutions was set up in 2001 and focuses on cost-saving maintenance. An important part of this is to predict when maintenance is necessary, preventive maintenance. To date this has mainly been done based on averages: a bearing is usually due for replacement after X number of operating hours. “A logical next step is to equip machines with sensors that measure when a bearing actually needs replacing”, explains Langedijk.

    Saving costs with Smart Industry
    Many companies therefore found using Smart Industry was another way of making further cost savings. “Smart Industry is not an aim in itself. The ultimate aim is cost saving and a better service to the client and technology is a means of doing this”, says Langedijk.

    Because UVS Industry Solutions soon saw the endless possibilities in this area, the company became an ambassador for Smart Industry in the Netherlands. This means that the company is very busy with all sorts of innovative technological developments such as vision systems, GPS & RFID within production environments and industry. “The intention is to look further. What more is possible and how do we translate that into something our clients can use?” explains Langedijk.

    Pioneers among themselves
    At a meeting about Smart Industry Langedijk got into conversation with our director Perry Verberne. “It seemed a good match. Van Beek has long been toying with the question of how to apply Smart Industry and we soon agreed that the Dino is particularly suitable for this.”

    Smart Industry is customised too
    For every machine Langedijk takes a good look at where is the best place to fix the sensors. “This involves a lot of questions. What exactly do you want to measure? What is the machine used for and what forces are exerted on it? What is an optimum position for the sensors? They must not of course get in the way. You also want as few sensors as possible because otherwise the whole machine is full of them.”

    Better service and better Dino
    This contributes to a better customer service and an improved Dino. Services are limited to a minimum because they will only be carried out when it is really necessary. Parts are replaced just in time.

    Big data
    At the same time, Van Beek can collect data on how the Dinos perform in the field and respond to this. Who knows an electric motor seems to be able to tackle the transport of a particular product much more easily than was assumed to date and future Dinos can be equipped for the same application with a lighter and cheaper motor. Perhaps it appears that operators turn off the Dino much too often with the emergency stop instead of in the normal way, then we can point this out to extend its life.

    “This is also a process of awareness-raising”, says Langedijk. “Meanwhile more and more companies understand that in the end this gives a machine that is better tailored to the wishes of the client.”


  • Efficient reduction with cryogenic screw heat exchanger

    Preparation for cryogenic grinding
    Van Beek has developed the cryogenic screw to prepare bulk goods for grinding in a process. On leaving the screw the bulk goods are ready for grinding for example in a pin mill. This screw heat exchanger is also suitable for processes where it is important that the products must cool in a short time (quickly), for example in the food industry or in chemical processes to give certain product properties.

    Perfect mixing of nitrogen by nozzles and paddles
    Due to the extremely low temperature tough products or products that are sensitive to heat input can be reduced more effectively and efficiently. The cryogenic screw freezes the product in a short time by using several nozzles that add liquid nitrogen to the product. The screw heat exchanger is fitted with paddles that ensure good mixing of the product and the nitrogen.

    Easy to clean
    The conveyor has a twin-walled casing and there is a vacuum for insulation. The screw is easy to remove from the body using a demountable flange on the outlet side. This makes the screw quick and easy to clean.

    Interested in whether this type of screw heat exchanger can help your process further? Ask our sales engineer Joram van der Heijden about the options. Contact him via info@van-beek.nl or call us on +31 (0)41 63 75 225.