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Polem B.V.

Polem B.V.


8530AB Lemmer

Polem is market leader in the production of GRP silos and storage tanks since the seventies.
The company serves industrial markets, such as chemical processing, feed, road salt storage, pharmaceutical industries with state of the art GRP storage equipment.
Today , Polem is capable of producing tanks and silos with a diameter up to 9m and a storage capacity of 1500 m3!
The Polem- experts can provide you with advice starting with design up to and including the provision of a comprehensive maintenance programme.
Polem relieves you from any concern related to design, engineering, project management, transport, installation and maintenance.

Product news

  • Glass fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) silos, tanks & apparatus

    Polem GRP silos & tanks, for safe storage of solids & liquids. Diameters up to 9 m, capacities up to 1500 m3. Silos & tanks on full skirt or on legs, truck loading support structures. Food grade materials, suitable for Atex situations. Complete delivery, including related equipment, such as dust filters, bin activators, explosion relief panels, platforms, cage ladders, load cells etc.