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Solid Equipment


1430AG Aalsmeer

Solid Equipment represents several companies for the bulkhandling industry in the Benelux.

RotaVal produces rotar valves and diverter valves for several applications from pharma to the heavy industry. Quick cleuning, CIP and ATEX are all possible

GKM produces vibrating and tumbling screens for fractioning and control screening, for all industries.

Pelletron produces the DeDusters®. With a DeDuster granulate can be efficiently cleaned and the DeDusters® are being used wordlwide in the plastic industry, but also other applications are known.

Artech ultrasonic is being used in order to prevent bridging or flowing problems in hoppers, funnels pipes etc.

Payper produces all kind of bagging solutions from FFS machines to valve bag systems and also Big Bag filling stations

Next to these companies Solid Equipment represents: Helios (Big Bag emptying systems), Sterivalves (sanitairy butterfly valves) and Mixaco (container mixers)