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Busch N. V. - Vacuümpompen en Systemen


9160 Lokeren

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world. Our product range comprises the largest selection of solutions for vacuum and overpressure technology in all industry sectors worldwide. With independent companies in more than 40 countries worldwide, we can provide sound advice and practical support to our customers wherever they are.

In Belgium, we are located in Lokeren and focus on selling vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors; designing vacuum systems and providing regular maintenance and repair services for our products.

Regularly and correctly serviced vacuum pumps and systems maintain efficiency, reduce running costs and maximize up-time and performance. At Busch we offer flexible maintenance and service solutions specifically tailored to your requirements. Busch services include scheduled preventative maintenance, breakdown support and field exchange. We use only original spare parts in all our service and maintenance programs to ensure performance levels are not compromised.


Product news

  • Energy-efficient vacuum supply

    At the Empack trade show in Brussels, Busch will present its completely new solutions for energy-saving vacuum generation. Busch not only focused on the actual vacuum pump in its presentation, but also defined a total of five elements that cover the entire vacuum packaging process and contribute to the packaging of fresh food products in a more cost-effective and energy-efficient manner.

    The performance, quality and cost-effectiveness of a vacuum pump are crucial for the efficiency of the entire packaging process. At Empack, Busch will show the new R 5 RD 0360 A, one of the sizes of the latest generation of vacuum pumps specially developed for vacuum packaging. It is characterized by high pumping speed and, at the same time, a 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional vacuum generators. The waste heat from the new vacuum pump can be used as heat energy thanks to an optionally integrated heat exchanger.

    However, the comprehensive "5 Elements of Efficiency" concept considers more than just the use of an energy-efficient vacuum pump and the use of waste heat. One noteworthy feature is the control unit for the vacuum pump, which can be precisely tailored to the packaging machine. At its trade show booth, Busch will visualize this with the Mink MV 0040 C claw vacuum pump. It comes as standard with an integrated, demand-driven control system. Such a control system makes it possible to achieve additional energy savings.

    When using several packaging machines, it is worth considering a centralized vacuum supply. This means moving away from individual vacuum pumps in packaging machines and towards a central vacuum system. Here, too, Busch will demonstrate convincing solutions at its booth that can drastically reduce energy consumption even further. The installation of a central vacuum system outside the production areas alone can considerably reduce the energy consumed by air conditioning. Furthermore, servicing tasks can be performed during operation without the need for maintenance staff to enter the production areas.

  • New vacuum pumps for laboratories and production

    Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems has now launched a new series of vacuum pumps for a wide range of applications. The new two-stage oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps Zebra RH were developed both for research laboratories and for production processes that work in the medium vacuum range.

    Robustness and reliability of operation are the outstanding qualities of Zebra RH rotary vane vacuum pumps. The proven rotary vane vacuum technology from Busch has long established itself as the industry standard in the rough vacuum range. With the new series, Busch is now making inroads in the medium vacuum range. All Zebra RH sizes achieve ultimate pressures <0.0076 hPa (mbar). The series includes eight sizes and covers pumping speeds from 2.4 to 90 m3/h. Zebra RH vacuum pumps are thus also highly suitable as backing pumps for turbomolecular vacuum pumps and can be used in this combination in the high vacuum range.

    The consistently high vacuum level in continuous operation is ensured by forced oil lubrication, perfectly coordinated materials as well as state-of-the-art precision manufacturing. Its silent operation makes the Zebra vacuum pump series perfectly suited for use in research labs, where a low-noise working environment is essential. The advanced design ensures that only minimal maintenance is required.
    A gas ballast valve that can be manually switched on and off makes it possible to handle gasses with high water vapour load. Some of the application areas are mass spectrometry, leak detectors, glove boxes, vacuum coating and drying as well as various heat treatment processes.